Wednesday, January 27

A visit to the Post Office

I made a visit to the Post Office today. It's the first time I've been out since last Friday when I went out for groceries. Our wintery weather has been........well.......very wintery!!! While we had snow, the wind blew so hard that the driveway was clear of snow and only the end of it had to be shoveled. It was good to get out although kinda cold.
It was good to see Connie, my Postlady and I had lots of packages to mail to winners of the prizes at last Friday night's Quilt-In. I used to go to Quilt-Ins at our guilt group and enjoyed visiting with friends. This was visiting with quilting friends but just not meeting them in person. We still had a lot of fun!!!! So here are the packages that went in the mail........

I had some others to mail, too, so when Connie saw the whole pile she said, "hey, while I do your packages let me show you what I have"..............and she went to the back room and brought out a big old scrapbook and it was filled with Valentines and Christmas cards from her great Aunt Anita. They were lovely. The book is huge - 15 x 15" at least and I think it was an old sample book as it has advertising on the pages. This was a common thing to do back then. Connie said it dates to the 1920's and I was thrilled that she shared it with me.

That big full page valentine has a pull-down section where it says "To My Valentine". It is lovely.

I was just in awe of this treasure............

I have three old Valentines that are from the same era and belonged to my great Aunt Bell, plus some of her Christmas cards with penny stamps on them. This album, though, was just amazing. Interestingly, I have scrapbooks of my kids valentines from the late 1970's to mid "80's. Do you suppose one day someone will go "ga-ga" over those, the way I did over Connie's album today?

On a more serious note, some of you who read my blog are quilters who made a block(s) for the fund-raising quilt for Connie's granddaughter, Emma, who has cancer. Emma had been doing so well in treatment but the tumor has begun to grow again. To read the Caring Bridge post that Emma's mother wrote, you can go here . The quilt that was made, was given to Emma, both the large one and the smaller one. Pulling it all together was hard as I found myself still coping with my dad's passing and my mother's health issues. But making that quilt is what led me to make the blocks for the quilt I am now calling "Grace and a Prayer". That quilt will be in memory of my Dad and also all the men from our town of Lehigh that fought in WW II. I am not sure where the quilt will go when it's finished but just working on it means they are not forgotten.
It's time to call it a day. Goodnight all and have a great day!


Pat said...

What a nice idea for that Grace & a Prayer quilt. I'm sorry to hear Emma is again having trouble. It seems that cancer most always lurks in the sidelines and gives very little peace of mind to those affected by it. Lovely Valentine book Connie showed you.

Pieced Pastimes said...

We have had a cold snow filled winter too, but it is beautiful. Your postlady's scrapbook sounds like a wonderful treasure! I hope you find comfort while making your 'Grace and a Prayer' quilt.

Crispy said...

My sister has our grandmother's book like that. It's fun to look at all those old valentines. The last one in her book was from my grandfather when they were first married.

Thank you for the update on Emma, it's funny, I was thinking of her just the other day. I will pray for the miracle.


Owl Lady said...

Thank you for the update about Emma. It is sad that her condition is getting worse again, but that is when our prayers are needed the most.

I enjoyed seeing the Valentines. The Visitors' Center at the Hallmark headquarters here has a display of the company's early cards. If any readers live near Kansas City or travel here, it is a great place to visit and right across the street from the Crown Center shops and hotels.

Needled Mom said...

The old Valentines are just delightful. I'll bet you could have spent hours looking through it.

I am so sorry to read that Emma's tumor has started to grow again. I will be keeping her in my prayers.

It is a wonderful idea to make a quilt in memory of those brave men and women from Lehigh. (I am sure that the women were the ones who held the fort down at home while the men were gone.) I know it will hold a special place in your town.

Bradie Sparrow said...

What a lovely scrapbook! The Valentines are so Sweet! Terrible news about the wee girl though. :(

Barb said...

I missed that block giving...sorry. What a wonderful thing to do and a good way to help mend your own heart.

ByLightOfMoon said...

What a fabulous book and yes, go Ga ga over your childrens, I wish I had my daughter's school items. Remember those boxes we made for our Valentine's to be deposited in? Oh, Memories! I could not put this book down so I am loomingover your shoulder at the photos!

Enjoy them, Smiles, Cyndi

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

OH I love old valentines. I used to love valentines day as a kid. Picking them out, writing classmates names and then the day when we got to open them! Sigh. The vintage ones are the best.

Simone said...

Hello Sandi,
what a lucky girl I'am. Your letter arrived today and I thank you very much!!!! I try the pattern with the fabric you sent with it.
You changed the header, it's a lovely picture. My mother stitched dresses for my sister and me too. We were looking like twins.
Have a nice weekend!

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