Thursday, December 17

Christmas is coming......

and the goose is getting goes the old Christmas rhyme. I was singing that last night when I was putting together a little "Molten Chocolate Cake" Mug gift. I suspect those things are loaded with calories but everything that tastes good usually is! Earlier in the day, I mailed off some packages and cards, then treated myself to a mocha at Bittersweet, the coffee shop in downtown Henderson. And that's when I learned that it will be closing on Saturday. :-( I hope someone with a yearning to run a coffee shop snaps it up and reopens it in January!
No photos tonight. Actually, I didn't get much of anything else done in the last 48 hours except housecleaning. Sometimes vacuuming can very therapeutic. I e-mailed a couple of my friends that I felt like my "get up and go, got up and went". I am hoping to find more get up and go tomorrow as there is no more vacuuming to do. :-)
I did get the patterns revised for the 2010 BOM that I'll be offering in my Seasons BOM group and will get them posted on Thursday afternoon to the Yahoo group. I am going to use some fabric that I bought at Firefly Quilt Shop last Saturday to make a new set of blocks in this series. I'll get a photo taken tomorrow and post it on Friday. And then I have to share my wooly visit to the Woolen Needle. I have a shopping bag sitting next to me that has wool in it and I have not opened since I brought it home from the shop. I told myself I couldn't open it til I took the pictures for my blog and posted about the wonderful wools I found there. I can't believe I've actually not opened it!! Time to get some sleep so I can rise early and get to my stitching!


Pat said...

Oh, listen, girlfriend....your get-up-and-go better come-back-and-stay as we NEED to see photos of those goodies you got at the wool shop!!! :)

Crispy said...

It has to be the brutally cold weather that has brought you to a slower pace...I'm sending you some of our warmer weather. Was in the 20's yesterday and it felt dang near balmy LOL. Though vaccuming can be rewarding, fondling fabric and wool is much nicer :0)


blushing rose said...

LOVE your Legacy of Stitches write, Sandi.

Can't clean or anything under construction guy out of house so doing the baking in the meantime.

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Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~Marydon

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I do so miss the pictures ;-) I'd send you some warmer weather, but it would be hard to send it in a package from Florida. Something about crossing state lines, or something like that :-D

Needled Mom said...

I can't wait to see the pictures.

I agree that the vacuuming is very therapeudic. It sounds like you are getting lots done.

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