Tuesday, December 8

Blizzard blowing in!!

Well, the snow arrived and so has the wind. We are in a county that is under a blizzard warning and the wind I can hear outside my windows is proof of that!! Kaiser the Wonder Beagle was wondering why I made him go out in that crazy weather tonight!! LOL! It's a night for staying home if at all possible!
I was basically a "slug" today. Slept in til 9:30 and Kaiser slept even longer! I unpacked bags and projects and put things away, then read the mail and did the laundry. Then I ate a late lunch and found I was tired again so I took a nap. I didn't get a lot of rest last week so I was making up for lost sleep. :-) I set my alarm wrong and instead of getting up in an hour, I slept for 2 1/2 hours! Oh, well, my husband is out of town. Poor guy is missing this blizzard as he is in San Diego where it's a bit cool and rainy. Better that than this cold and snow!! I managed to start my patriotic quilt block but didn't get it finished. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll have more energy.
There were some fun things in the mail.........including this...........

This little Reindeer ornament was made by Cindy from Arizona. We were partners in an Ornament swap. She did the machine embroidery and even added my name on the back! I think there's a CD inside. I really like it as I do not do machine embroidery so it's nice to get something unique! Thanks, Cindy! I forgot to take a picture of what I sent to Cindy but I made a wool star ornament and then tucked in a little fabric gifty with the card.
I only took a few pictures while I was in Iowa, some on my way to Iowa City and some on my return trip. I meandered my way across southern Minnesota to the Interstate and when I reached Clear Lake, Iowa, I met my friend Sue for lunch. It was nice to "catch up" but then it was back to the Interstate again. I really like to take "side roads", though, so I decided to get "off the beaten path" and instead of taking the interstate, I took Hwy. 3 east and passed through the town of Hampton, Iowa. I was immediately "taken" with the town square. I'm thinking this is the County Courthouse and it was so lovely that I had to take a picture. It was a beautiful day and I didn't even need a coat. That was only a week ago. I am sure it's covered with snow by now!

There were several businesses around the square and one caught my eye........it was this little shop called the "Wood Cellar". I wasn't in any hurry so I decided to stop in and take a peek. The shop was filled with all sorts of good smells and lovely Christmasy things. I only bought one item.....a plaid tea towel that I will decorate for Christmas. Not sure if it will be for this Christmas or 2011. :-)

All for tonight........



Pat said...

YIKES...maybe you could make it for Christmas 2010 and NOT wait until 2011...don't talk about 2011 yet, okay?? (I'm thinking you MEANT to say 2010....LOL) It's nice that you get off the beaten path and find places that are "new" to you. Lovely ornament from the swap, too!

Crispy said...

I too love taking the roads less traveled, such lovely country out there. Keep safe, blizzards and white outs are no fun at all!!


Kaye said...

You are such an adventureous person, good for you. How many miles did you go on this trip? The swap ornament is cute also.

Needled Mom said...

I am not sure that San Diego is the better choice. It has even been freezing at night here. You guys expect it and are prepared for it and we are far from that. ;)
I know that it has been an unbelievable storm for Iowa.

Cute little ornament. A CD in the middle - such a clever idea!

Enjoy your sewing time since you can't get out.

Cindy said...

You're right, Sandie, there is a CD in the ornament that you insert as a "next to last step" on the embroidery machine.
I'm glad it arrived safely and that you like it.

Merry Christmas.

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