Wednesday, September 2

Oops! Grandma is too tired!

Oh, boy, what a busy day. Jacob and I are having a great time doing projects and made another trip to the library. However, that left no time to get to the September blocks posted today. I did so want to get them posted but I'm not even going to try to do it until Jacob goes home. He'll leave late Thursday afternoon and then I will re-group and load photos and pattern pages for the blocks and also our fabric painting venture. We painted lots of fabric and took lots of photos to show you. We had a lot of fun painting fabric!! I'll have detailed info on the Setacolor paints that we used when I post the photos.
Later then.......
Sandi (or Grandma Skeeter as Jacob calls me) who is going to bed and get some much needed sleep because Jacob says when you are too tired, you should go lay down in bed. Good advice! :-)


Crispy said...

A very wise child LOL


Kaye said...

Is Grandma Skeeter teaching Jacob or is Jacob teaching her? Sounds like you two are having a great week. Aren't the Grandkids just great? Mine will be here till Sunday, I Love having them here

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Children are so smart! I think I might follow that advice too! Can't wait to see your pictures!


Pat said...

Tell Jacob that I would love to follow his advice as I'm beyond tired and really could use a nap, but it's hard with 4 roofers AND a skylight installer banging away on the roof above my head! LOL

Micki said...

Glad that you had a lovely day with Jacob!

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