Wednesday, September 23

Fall arrives and I am feeling wonderful!

Oh, boy, today was a really good day! I felt normal - only a couple of coughing jags and otherwise doing fine! I decided to get some "outside time"! Everything red, white and blue and summery was cleared from the porch. When I emptied my big basket, though, it was in a sad state. Three straight winters took a tole on the paint. Luckily, I had a can of green spray paint in the paint cupboard and I sprayed the whole think and it looks great. A couple of weeks ago I bought the flowers. I love all the colors and wish they were real. However, we decided not to do any plants or landscaping til next summer so, just imagine they are real. :-)

I cleaned away the summer cobwebs (and probably a few spiders that were looking forward to Halloween). Then I put away the summer quilt on my chair and replaced it with an old wool patchwork quilt. You can also see a new piece - "Arabella's Blooms" (Pat Sloan design) in the center of the photo............

It's my new "front porch project" because I am almost finished with the other two projects that I worked on this past summer. They are down to the hand-quilting and one "Summer Blooms" is this close to being done! Picture will be posted tomorrow! The other is the basket table runner and that one will likely be finished in a couple weeks. After I cleaned the porch, I decided it was a good idea to take my lunch out there and relax and did just that!

When I came back in the house, I caught a quick glimpse of this pair crossing our back yard. I grabbed my camera and click!..........

I was wondering what they were doing in my yard at 1:00 in the afternoon. They usually cross really early in the morning or around dusk. Very brave of them to cross midday.

After they cleared out of the backyard, I grabbed a quilt and my camera so that I could head to the trees for some picture taking. Behind the quilt is this big tree that is my favorite. You can see the leaves turning orange at the top. Colors are washed out because it was so sunny.

This quilt is another quilt that someone gave me so that I would be it's caretaker. That someone was Carol, staff member at Villa Maria where I host my retreats. The quilt belonged to Carol's husband's family and was brought from Pennsylvania when the family came to Minnesota many years ago. The family's last name was Morgan. That's all Carol knows about it. She put it in my hands so I can share it with my friends here and all of you out there, too.

It's loaded with an incredible variety of scraps. I would love to have yardage in so many of them! It's always interesting to me to wonder why someone puts a color here or there and how I wish that I could know!

Here are some close-ups of various sections of the quilt.

Beeeeeautiful, isn't it?
That's all for tonight. Time to turn out the lights and do some "Quilt Dreamin'!!"


Debbie said...

Whew, glad you're feeling better, Sandi! It's showing in your writing and your photos. Thanks for sharing that old quilt. It really is amazing.

The Rabbit Factory said...

That lovely older quilt is just truly is beautiful!

Kaye said...

So good to hear that you are on the road to recovery. The porch looks so nice and inviting

quiltingnana said...

glad to hear you are on the mend...the deer and flowers really are the old quilt too

Micki said...

I love the Pat Sloan reminds me of fall.

Needled Mom said...

Yes, that is one stunning quilt. How nice is was that you could share it with all of us.

Glad you are feeling better. That stuff was nasty. Did the H1N1 test results come back?

Crispy said...

Your porch is lovely and the quilt is wonderful. Since it's so scrappy I'm sure she put the darker colors in because that is what she had on hand, but the results are wonderful.


House of Mouse said...

I am so very glad you are feeling better. I love the quilt and have been tempted to try and make one of those...still doing research and hoping for a better understanding of how to do it.

My best,


Mary JB said...

Glad you are feeling better.One thing about the flu, when it's over we are always soooo much more appreciative of 'feeling normal'. It helps me not to take 'normal' for granted.

Just wondering if you still have photos to share with us from the quilts in bloom show you attended. it sure did sound terrific from your posting b4 the show.

thanks for sharing the wonderful Morgan family quilt with us, and the deer!!

Pat said...

You do such a nice job decorating your porch area and I enjoy your photos so much. Glad you are feeling lots better now but don't overdo...don't want to relapse!

Anonymous said...

The photos are all so great, especially that quilt one, it's so pretty, and I love the flowers too.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I noticed your new header first off. Lovely quilt. It is fall isn't it! Wowie. Today as I was getting ready for work I looked outside and saw yellow tips on some of my tree leaves. I was kind of shocked. I just haven't noticed the mountains changing color and haven't paid enough attention to realize that it isn't just a day that says "fall", it really happens! And it is fall right now. Whew. Fall is a lovely time.

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