Tuesday, September 8

Back-to-School Time!

This morning in Minnesota, kids all over the state are returning to school. It's also first day of classes for many colleges and universities. I am just glad I do not have to be in traffic this day!! I had my time when the kiddies were in school and also when I worked full-time so I have served my time in traffic. :-) I am happy just be here blogging and tending to that long list of "to do" quilting and embroidery projects. Labor Day weekend is over and I finally got some labor done......so here are the September blocks!!!

Sorry I didn't get these posted last week. I loved having my grandson visit and we did lots of fun things. That meant that I didn't get to some of my own things when he was here. And after he left I had to clean and regroup and then rest! That's life, I guess.
Hope you enjoy September's designs. I drew inspiration for the chalkboard block from memories of writing on thechalkboard when I was in school. The Snowman for this month was inspired by memories of football my senior year in high school. It was the first year that our school had a football team. I was a cheerleader and we were excited. However, the team never gave us any tips on what cheers to yell when they were making plays. So, imagine our shame when we started yelling "Block that kick"and it was our team kicking. Oh, boy, you can bet the team gave us some pointers on what to yell after that one! LOL!
The remaining blocks for the applique series are finished and all the designs for the snowmen are complete. Now it's back to work on stitching the blocks. If you want PDF files of each of these designs, just click on the snowman button on the sidebar and join my Yahoo group. You'll find all the patterns there!! I will be keeping them posted through January of 2010 and then will remove them from the group. I'll be starting a new BOM in January, too.
Now that the blocks are posted, I'll either post photos of our fabric dyeing fun or of the State Fair in my next post.


Pat said...

GREAT blocks for this back-to-school time of year. Thanks for all your hard work with this. Taking my machine back to the dealer tomorrow for "repairs" as they put it.......even though they said they couldn't find anything wrong when it went in there for repairs for this same problem in March. *sigh* Kaye will go with me. She is a good friend, isn't she?

Kaye said...

Thanks Sandi for the Sept blocks, Love them. We are so Lucky to have you do all this work for us. I hope you know how much we all appreciate it.

sparkle jars said...

I love this back to school block!

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