Sunday, November 2

Who put the bedbugs on my bed?

It took some investigative work but I finally found out who the "bedbug" culprit was. I wasn't able to discover it at breakfast, though, we were all too busy eating pancakes and sausage and such, laughing and talking. Nobody knew anything about the Gummi bedbugs left on my bed. :-)

But I was beginning to have my suspicions. You know what they say about the quiet, shy ones? Well, I was thinking.............and when we got up to the library to sew, the truth was finally revealed. Joan, yep, the quiet, shy one could no longer keep a straight face. She started laughing and admitted that she had found them at Target and put them on my bed because her dad, too, always said "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!" Finally, I could concentrate! What a mystery and what fun from such a simple thing!
There were morning door prizes...............

I like to change things up a bit, so this time I drew a name and the person would get to pick from one of the four prizes above. The first name was Laura and she chose the Quiltsmart table runner pattern. Then Sue chose the green fabric wrapped gift that contained a small purple photo album with refills and she's going to use it for her quilt photos. Joan chose the small fabric wrapped gift and it was a glass paperweight from Hallmark that she can put a quilt photo in for her sewing desk. Sharon's name was drawn next and so she got the Eagle quilt pattern. She was hoping her name would be drawn as she wanted the pattern. Funny how things work out, huh?

Our sewing machines hummed all morning and there was more talk, more laughter and then before we knew it, it was time for lunch. I had a lunchtime door prize and this one went to Carol F. I couldn't resist this little cookbook of chocolate recipes because everybody knows quilters thrive on chocolate! The little bag was too cute and I tucked in colored file cards for recipes and a fall dishtowel.
We enjoyed a great lunch of chili, salad and more. Then some of the gals took a little trip down to Rather Bee Quilting in Lake City as they were holding a tenth anniversary sale. The rest of us sewed, took walks, a little nap, whatever we wanted to do!

After lunch, I snapped this photo of the Villa. It is a Catholic retreat center run by the Urselin Order of Nuns. It is open to all faiths and many groups use the Villa for inspirational retreats, conferences, bird-watching weekends (Frontenac Park area is one of the best bird-watching sites in Minnesota), quilting retreats, artists, youth groups, and more!!

Later in the afternoon, Laura finished this cute little Thanksgiving quilt. She took the pattern for my little Halloween sampler quilt and just replaced the pumpkin with a turkey and the tree, plus some fall fabrics and presto chango! it's a whole new little quilt!! Isn't it cute?

There was a change in the weather coming, so Sharon suggested perhaps we should take our group picture on Saturday as snow and wind were predicted for Sunday. And that's just what we did and it was a wise thing to do!

Happy as clams, we are front row left to right - Carol M., Collette, Jane, me, Laura and Gretchen.
Back row - zig zagging from left to right are Sue, Arlis, Joan, Kate, Barb, Carol F. and Sharon.
After we took our group photo, I took these shots of some of the trees that surround the grounds of the Villa. Aren't the leaves pretty? Collette was picking up some of the leaves and we took them up to our room and pressed them between an outdated quilt catalog I happened to have in my bag!

I especially loved the close-up of the leaves on that tree. Look at the rich red to yellow on the leaves. Awesome!

............. a photo of the Villa at dusk. Then it was time to go and have dinner. More fun to come when I tell you about our evening activities and show 'n tell! That will come sometime tomorrow. I think I can make our retreat last another two days at least!!
Just a little thought here ~~ earlier today, I thought to myself "do I really need to write such a detailed account of our retreat? Does anyone really care aside from those of us who went to the retreat?" Well, a couple of you have e-mailed or commented that you enjoy reading about our retreat so I am going to continue the detailed account. I like recalling all the fun and perhaps in the telling, you may find some idea or project that you'll want to share at a retreat or with a friend. Well, I've used the extra hour so I better get to bed. Choir in the morning at church so got to get my beauty rest so I'll be in good voice in the morning. I love to sing but since I am not a morning person, I am not in the best singing voice then. By afternoon, I'm in good form and by evening, well, I could do my own musical but I keep it contained to my sewing room. :-) Kaiser is my audience. :-)
Night all..............enjoy the extra hour of sleep!


DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

I really enjoy hearing all the details of your retreat. I wish I could have been there.

sparkle jars said...

I enjoyed this post so much. There is nothing quite like a retreat. :-)

annemarie said...

I also enjoy reading about the retreat especially since I am a former Minnesotan and all of these places and pictures are so familiar to me - in fact - they make me a little homesick!! Did you get the predicted snow??

Nihal said...

Oh sorry, I missed this post. N'joyed very much reading this article Sandi, you know I'm an endless lover of nature and you decorated this post with amazing autumn views & leaves! Your so beautiful lady taken with the group, and I, too, a lover of lemonade yellow as seen on your sweater -a little reminder: my energy and dynamism come from Sun:)
Excellent article!

Sandra :) said...

"Do I really need to write such a detailed account of our retreat?" --- yes, you do, and thank you! :D I too enjoy reading these posts and seeing the pictures - I feel like you're my neighbours that went on a fantastic outing, and now I get to hear about it over coffee!

Jacquelynne said...

I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your retreat- you are inspiring me to try to put something like this together. It sounds wonderful!

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