Saturday, November 15

Lookin' Back..............

I'll bet that a lot of you are familiar with the Garth Brooks song "The Dance". You know, the one that's all about "lookin' back" and how things aren't quite how you thought they'd be but if they had been different then you would have "missed the dance". Prophetic words aren't they?
I've been doing a lot of "lookin' back" for a variety of reasons the last couple of years - family health issues that make you wake up and take notice, a high school class reunion that I returned to and wondered "just exactly what have I done that was worthwhile in my life" and now our upcoming 40th anniversary. Come on, has it really been that many years!? Time doesn't just slip away, it literally disappears at Mach speed as old Spock might say (well,maybe it was the Captain who talked about Mach speed). Anyway, so I am "lookin' back" but aside from the fact that the body I occupy is a little more fluffy than the one I occupied at 19, I am still me. I was 19 when I married. It's hard to believe that 40 years ago, at just about this time, I was only days away from becoming a bride. Ten years ago at this time, Steve and I were in Turkey celebrating our 30th anniversary. Gee whiz, and I'm asking myself "has it really been ten years since that trip?" You know what they say - "time flies when you're having fun" - so I guess we have been having fun because time is sure flying away!
I thought it might be fun to share some old wedding pics from 1968 and then some from our trip to Turkey in 1998. I have been busy unpacking boxes in the basement to find just the right pictures. Still searching for a couple so it may be a day or two before I post any pics of those momentous events. I'll be back tomorrow with a little more on "lookin' back".


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Time sure does fly by and pretty darn fast too. LOL Whether you want it to or not. So enjoy it!!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The older I get the faster time flies. Seriously. I think the clock is tweeked!

Jacquelynne said...

That is a great song- even though life can be painful and difficult to understand sometimes, it makes us who we are... Looking back, we see how all of our experiences, good and bad, become a part of us.

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