Tuesday, November 25

Celebrating our anniversary!

Last night after I loaded our wedding picture and posted my thoughts, I forgot something.........how did we celebrate this major milestone? No big party or anything, just dinner at Red Lobster. We were both "in the mood" for shrimp so that seemed the logical place to go. Now the funny thing is that we could have gone just up the road to Emma Krumbee's (a family restaurant that many Minnesotans are very familiar with for it's good food, great baked goods and the annual Scarecrow Contest) but Steve said "we go there enough, let's go to Red Lobster". And so we did, and we waited 30 minutes along with lots and lots of other people (did somebody say people were not spending?) and then we were seated at a nice window table. The waitress was great and earned a nice tip. The shrimp, though, ........... guess what? the shrimp dinner at Emma Krumbee's is a whole lot better!! LOL And so, the next time we're craving shrimp, we're only going "up the road" to Emma's.
Now the way we really wanted to celebrate this anniversary was to "hit the road" and take a trip to San Diego. That was the plan until things got busy at my husband's job and then the economy took a "nosedive". We've tabled those plans to another day and so there is still some celebrating yet to come!!
When we do finally make the trip to San Diego, we'll also head up to the LA area to see our friends Lynn and Gary. Lynn called last night to wish us a Happy Anniversary. We didn't become friends as neighbor's or through church or anything like that but instead, it started when our husband's would end up at the same business meetings/conferences. And that was over 20 years ago so when you find good friends, even distance won't keep you from staying friends. We only see each other maybe every other year but we make occasional calls and send cards, too. Lynn and Gary are two of the nicest friends that have blessed our lives.
I don't normally post in the morning, but Kaiser the beagle nosed me early this morn and was insistent to go out. And so out he went and now he is back under his blanket because he thinks it's too cold in here. There is a bit of a chill this morning but no inclement weather so it looks like we are headed for great traveling weather for everyone in our area this Thanksgiving holiday.
Time for some breakfast and then I think I'll work on Christmas Ornaments. :-)


Kritta22 said...

What a great night...even though the shrimp wasn't the best. I'm glad you went out of your comfort zone!
I love great friends. Thanks for sharing!

cedarchestquilts said...

Happy Anniversary! I've left you an award at my blog, hope you play along!!

Jacquelynne said...

Happy Anniversary!
I know what you mean about the economy- I was out today and the stores were all mobbed- I know that I am personally doing my fair share of spending to keep the economy going!

Valerie said...

We always go to Gatlinburg this time of year but with a grandbaby coming and the economy the way it is, I guess we will be waiting too. Happy Anniversary!

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