Friday, September 12

Preparing for the Library Quilt Show.......

(After midnight, Thursday night so it's actually Friday morning)
I just let out a huge sigh of relief. I have finished writing the hand-out that I wanted to have available for visitors to the Library quilt show during Heritage Days this weekend. I have lots of resources from books to loads of information on the internet plus I have quilts that provide insight to when they were made and the fabrics used. Pulling that info into something that people will find interesting to read was a "whole other ballgame" as the saying goes. But it's done and so tomorrow, I will gather the rest of the quilts I will share, load it all in my car and take it off to the Library for set-up in the evening. This won't be a fancy show and some of the quilts will be very worn but I think it will be the "right" exhibit for Heritage Days. I'll probably be a little busy this weekend although I plan to take lots of photos and will post them as soon as I can. In the meantime, take a peek at this charmer.........

This is a quilt top that my mother gave me several years ago. It's not one that she made but is one of many that she and my dad would buy at auction. My mother, Mary, and my dad, Melvin, grew to love going to flea markets and auctions after my dad retired. Local farm auctions often featured lots of machinery and furniture and treasures could be found if you bought items "by the box". A box might contain pretty figurines, kitchen items, sewing supplies and often quilt tops and stacks of blocks waiting to find their way into a quilt top. This quilt top was likely made in the 1950's. It features nine-patch blocks that could have been made in the 40's or at least made from fabric of that era. The fabric used to connect the blocks is a kitchen print that surely must have been popular in the 1950's (it's possible it could be from the 1960's as I have no real way of knowing for sure). Put it all together and you have a wild and crazy quilt top. The maker did a pretty good job of lining up her blocks and rows if you look at it from the right side. However, if you look at it on the left side you can see how very uneven it is. I think it adds to the charm of this piece. I have a plan for this quilt top. I think it would make a great tablecover. I am not going to use batting on the top but instead will use an old flannel sheet (a common practice with quilters many years ago) and back it with muslin or a solid green or blue cotton. I'll sew it together "pillow-case" style, turn it inside out and stitch the opening closed. I may secure the layers with "ties" but they'll be tiny because I don't want to detract from the fun fabrics in this quilt top. And when it's all done I will save it for when somebody special comes for dinner - quilters, of course (maybe you?!) - and serve up some of my good "down-home-Iowa-born-and-raised-cooking-now-Minnesota-hot-dished"!! Hee hee. You might have to be a Minnesotan or an Iowan to see the fun in that last line!
Time to close for the night. Adios amigos! (I am thinking of dear friends who live near the border in Texas and hope they are safely away from the path of Ike. )

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Linda said...

Wow! you have been busy! Remember to take a breather sometime this weekend! :)
Can't wait to see yoru pics!
I think the quilt top will make a lovely tablecover! I like your idea of "filling" it and finishing it! I use whatever I have around the house for filler. Would love to see a pic when you are finished :)
Thank you to the link for the giveaway - and for hosting another giveaway! Somehow I got behind on posts! lol
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE this one. It is so perfect. can I come round for dinner just to look at your quilt? I promise not to spill anything on it.
Sandi, as always you have the best quilts to share.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a great quilt. I love those old tops not finished. It makes me feel better about my unfinished projects. The colors are so beautiful.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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