Sunday, September 7

Let sleeping dogs lie............

Here is poor Kaiser, tired and saying "why is she taking a picture of me when all I want to do is sleep?" He looked so cute all snuggled up on his pad, covered with his blanket and head resting on his pillow. Yep, the dog is spoiled. I say "poor Kaiser", though, because his allergies are back. The red ears and the red nose are telltale signs and he's back to itching again. This could mean another trip to the vet unless we get a cold snap and a frost real soon.
Speaking of frost, that makes me think "frost on the pumpkin" and that's a clue to what my next Giveaway will involve. I'll be posting that later tonight. In the meantime, I will close out this post and begin a new one about Grandparent's Day and more quilts. Ah, says Kaiser, "she's letting me sleep - finally!"

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