Friday, September 19

Blog Pick of the Week!

Evening, all. I am a tired cookie tonight as I have spent all day at our "Sew and Share" project and we were one bunch of busy stitcher's. The day went very well and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow or Sunday when I get time to load the photos and count all the new items - scarves, mittens, quilts, etc. - that were made for Iowa flood victims. All the items will be distributed in October.
I have been so busy this past couple of weeks with details for the Library quilt show and this Sew and Share project that a couple of things, got lost in the details. Going to take care of one of those right now. :-) Last week Jacquelynn, whose blog is TheNobleWife, left a comment on my blog. She signed up for my Giveaway and wrote "would love to be entered in your giveaway! I am doing a giveaway right now, too, for Christmas fabric, notions, books.... Stop by and enter mine (wouldn't it be funny if we won each other's??!!)". So, I clicked on her name to check out her blog and I loved it, signed up to be a "follower" of her blog, and check it regularly. Her Giveaway ends tonight (there's still time to sign up!!) and I really would be delighted to win but if I don't, well, that's okay, too, because I'll still keep following her blog. There was something about her blog that inspired me to add a feature to my blog so I decided to add my "Blog Pick of the Week". I'm going to keep her there, The Noble Wife, through Wednesday and then I will highlight a different blog. I already know who it will be ! For a sneak peak, click here . :-)
Have a good weekend. Tomorrow we'll be doing more "Sew and Share" stitching and then it's the Henderson Fire Department Pork Chop Dinner tomorrow night. Yum. Love it when someone else does the cooking!
Sweet dreams!


Linda said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the Sew & Share projects! You certainly have been busy!
I too entered Jacquelynn's giveaway - scrumptious stuff! She has a beautiful blog!
Am looking forward to the 26th to see what brown bear and yourself will have put into the pumpkin & who the winner will be!
Hope you enjoy your night of not having to cook! :)

Jacquelynne said...

Oh Sandi, you are so kind!

It's really great that you are making items for flood victims. My husband recently went to Iowa with and organization called Samaritan's Purse, to help clean out damaged homes. He has also gone on similar trips to New Orleans twice. He loves going- If it weren't for his regular job here, I'm not sure he'd ever come home!

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