Tuesday, July 29

So many things on my mind.......

Ever have times when there is so much on your mind that you can't think straight? That is me these days. I have had at least three "oops!" moments in the last two days alone but I just regrouped and it's all right now. I'll finish up the last of my thoughts on my recent trip to Iowa and perhaps that will help clear some of the cobwebs in this old brain.
It's only been a week since I returned from Iowa. I mentioned that there are certain points along the way that are favorites. I'll post my favorite spot along Hwy 169 tomorrow but here are some spots that I always look for.
If you find yourself on 169 just north of Algona (Iowa), you'll see the sign for Country Peddler. It's a thrift shop and on more than one occasion, I've stopped there and come out with a good buy. This time, I found some old laces, some pretty beads, some teacups that can become pincushions and an old prom dress that will find it's way into some crazy quilting blocks!

North of Algona is the little town of Burt and I've passed this little replica (about 6-7 feet tall) of the Burt Elevator for years but never stopped to take a picture. This time, I had to stop. It would be easy to think it's the real thing.

Then there's this tree that stands alone in a field south of Elmore, MN. I love that the tree wasn't cut down when they planted the field.
During the summer months The Cedar Inn is my favorite place to stop for lunch or supper. If I can't time it right to eat there on the way down, I make sure it's my stop on the way back. I love a good, old-fashioned Drive-In!! Oh, and this one is in Blue Earth, MN. It was early that day when I stopped and I was the only one there but usually the parking spots are full of people who stop by for ice cream, malts, burgers and more. I highly recommend it!!

And thoughts of food make me realize it is time to think of what to fix for supper. I'll post some quilt blocks later this evening. I am caught up on the 30's blocks I need to take to the retreat that is coming up soon. The cobwebs are clearing. More thoughts later.

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