Wednesday, July 9

Busy as a Bee with details for "Sew and Share"!!!

I had to take just a few minutes to post that I am almost too busy with details for "Sew and Share" to take time to post! There is a lot of coordinating that makes this kind of thing happen!
I had planned to post to the "Sew and Share" blog last night but needed answers to some questions before I could post some final details. And today, I got the answers, so tonight I will post an update on the "Sew and Share" blog. However, there are no questions about the good food that we will be eating for lunch on Saturday. It was my turn to host Bible Study group yesterday and after we were finished, everyone coordinated what dish or dessert they will bring. It will be a feast!! Speaking of food, here's a picture of the dessert I concocted for us yesterday.

It was really tasty and starts with a crust made of crushed Chocolate Chex, then a pudding mix that uses a carton of whipping cream and it was really good!! I need to make it one more time as the crust wasn't quite right (too crumbly, think it needed more butter) and then I will post the recipe. Our Bible Study group meets every Tuesday afternoon and starts with dessert and conversation for an hour and then an hour on a chapter in a book of Bible studies. We have lively conversations and enjoy our time together!!

As time goes by, I will tell you more about the group. We are all excited for Saturday to come and see how many quilts, totes, etc. we can stitch, tie and finish for the Iowa flood victims.

This evening I will finish stitching on the tulip blocks that will go in the 30's quilts I am making. I will post them later tonight. I decided I will offer a couple of free block projects in the coming months so stay tuned for details!! After we get through our Saturday of sewing, I will get back to some of my own projects. Hot as it is outside, I am really anxious to work on some wool quilt blocks and penny rugs. Even though I had planned to do that today there'll be plenty of time for that next week.

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your dessert looks yummy there.

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