Tuesday, June 10

Revisiting last Tuesday's quilts.......

Last Tuesday I told you all about some old quilts that I had the opportunity to view at our local historical society. I said I'd post pictures and never did. So here I am a week later on another Tuesday morning and I am finally posting the pictures. The quilts are very old and really worn and yet the patterns and fabrics still shine through. And the quilting stitches are still holding strong. They are a perfect example of "a legacy of stitches left behind".

Pictured above is a lovely crazy quilted wall quilt. I plan to go back on another day and study the stitches more carefully. The other picture is a trunk full of quilts that was of interest to me when I saw that beautiful wool tulip quilt!! It was made in the 1940's and is also one I'd like to study more.
The two pictures below are of a silk log cabin quilt. A close-up of the blocks revealed what at first glance was not noticeable - the tiny center of each block is two pieced triangles!

Arlene from the Sibley County Historical Society is pictured below with the two appliqued quilts. The very worn red and green quilt is from about 1825. Both quilts came to the museum from the same family. Enjoy the photos and be inspired!!!

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"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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