Thursday, June 19

Off to Iowa.......

I am headed to Iowa today leaving my hubby and Kaiser the Beagle behind. It's the big weekend for my hometown, Lehigh, Iowa - 125 years! I have packed my car with quilts and such for the quilt show I'll set up there with my cousin, Patty. My mom has quilts to share and so do some other ladies. I have the camera (and the charger) and so I will take lots of pictures. I will have great "show and tell" to share come next Monday and Tuesday. I think I have everything but better do a "once over" to make sure I haven't forgotten anything! Hope you all have a great weekend. Oh, and if you have extra time to sew for someone in need, check out to see how you can help flood victims.

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Janet said...

Lots of luck with the Quilt Show and hope it's a great success. Myself and a friend coordinate and present one each fall and have lots of fun doing so while raising some needed funds to support the tiny rural church down the road from us.
Janet in coastal Nova Scotia

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