Friday, June 13

Friday, the 13th!!!

It's been a busy day. Started with a phone call from my sister with an update on the flooding in the Iowa City area where they live. She asked if I would put out a call for prayer to my friends and I did. She sounded so tired. They have been moving items from their church to higher ground/storage and needed to find a truck and helpers to move all the equipment and animals from their veterinary clinic. Thankfully, they were successful! I talked to Dave, my brother-in-law just a bit ago and he was relieved that they had everything moved. The worst isn't over yet, though, as the river will not crest in Iowa City until perhaps Tuesday. I've got a plan for a way for some of who sew to lend a little of our talents and time to those who have lost so much. If you want to know how you can participate, check back later this weekend and I'll let you in on my plans. Time now to relax.

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