Saturday, June 14

Flag Day and more......

The weather was beautiful here, perfect day for flying a flag. Only we don't have a flagpole but we're thinking about getting one. Our grass is beginning to grow and look like a real yard so next summer is when we'll add some landscaping touches and a flagpole would be a good addition. My mom is going to buy a flagpole for the front yard of the care center that my dad was at. It will be both in memory of him and in honor of his service in WWII. And it's a fitting tribute as his birthday was June 14th, Flag Day! He would have been 82 today. I called my mom earlier just to chat because this was a day that could make her feel blue but she was doing fine. The thing on all of our minds is the flooding in so many parts of Iowa and of special concern to us is the flooding in Iowa City as that's where my sister lives. She calls my mom to give her updates and then my mom calls me so we aren't tying up the phone lines and her time. As of now the church my sister and family attend is under about 4-5 feet of water and the veterinary clinic they own is expected to flood in the next day or so. I am pondering a plan to offer some help. I have to ponder the logistics a little more and then I'll post it. Looks like a little rain is coming our way again. Good for the grass and the garden but I wish it didn't give birth to so many mosquitos! More later.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The floods are horrible. I grew up in PA and we had a few like this one. Just terrible for these communities. I loved your poem and your quilt patterns on the side bar. You do lovely work Sandi.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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