Tuesday, June 3

Finally, a quilt story.......

My morning got off to a great start when I got a call from Arlene at our county historical society reminding me to come down and check out a certain old quilt. So, I grabbed my camera and away I went. The Sibley County Historical Society is located in a beautiful old Victorian home and is brimming with county history. I was directed toward the attic where I was to find Arlene. She heard my voice and ushered me into a bedroom to show me the quilts. What a treat!! The first quilt was once a beautiful red and green applique quilt on cream. Then the second quilt was a blue applique with pink (or were they once red) flowers. Both were from the same family and date to around 1825 but they are very, very worn. In spite of that fact, they were still lovely and the quilting was very even. I took pictures which was okay but forgot to ask if I may post them here. I'll check on that and hopefully can post some pictures of them. I was short on time because I needed to get home to make a rhubarb cobbler for our afternoon Bible Study group. So, I thanked Arlene for letting me check out the quilts and I will go back another day to really study them and a few others.
Now to the rhubarb cobbler. It turned out perfectly as always because it was a recipe from my Grandma Goldie and no matter who makes it, it never fails. I'll add the recipe at the end of this post. Bible Study was at my friend Carolyn's. She is a young 93 and I asked her if it was okay if I brought the dessert for the afternoon. I didn't want to offend but she said she would never be offended if someone else wanted to cook/bake. I picked up some vanilla ice cream and with the cobbler fresh from the oven, it tasted "heavenly". :-) As always, we had good conversation over something good to eat, followed by a good lesson and discussion. My Bible study friends are a real treasure. They invited me into their group when we first moved here (Jan, '07) and treat me as if I have been with them forever - and most of them have been friends for more than 30 years!! As I was leaving, I noticed two tiny framed pieces by Carolyn's door. I asked if they were Valentines and she said, "no, they're old calling cards." I could picture them scanned onto fabric and used in my crazy quilt blocks so asked her if sometime I might borrow them to scan them. Generous soul that she is she said, "take them today and bring them back whenever you're done." What a treat today was - vintage quilts, vintage calling cards and wonderful friends! As usual, it's near the midnight hour as I write so time to relax with a little stitching before I head off to bed. I'll be dreaming of those quilts for sure!!

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