Monday, June 23

Back from Iowa and ready to blog again.......

I had a great time on my visit to my hometown of Lehigh, Iowa for their 125th Quasquicentennial event. I returned late last night but was too tired to do more than read some mail, say "hi" to my husband and the dog, then shower and get some much needed sleep! It was a busy four days but I really enjoyed every minute of it.

When I left on Thursday afternoon I had filled my car with quilts and everything I might need for the weekend (or more!) and headed out to Hwy. 169. I was only about ten miles down the road when the "low tire pressure" alarm and light went off. Since I've only had the car a few months, I didn't even know it had that feature but I was sure glad it did. I stopped at a Shell gas station in St. Peter where a friend of the guy who was working the counter came out and checked my tires for me (full service gas stations are the new dinosaurs of our time). He determined I had a slow leak in the right rear tire so he filled it with air and checked the other tires. Then I asked if he'd mind if I drove forward a bit to see if perhaps a nail was causing the slow leak. So I got in, drove ahead just a few inches and he hollered "yep, there it is." And there it was - a big roofing nail! So I had to make a detour into a Tires Plus store for a quick repair and only about an hour later, I was back on the road again. So, that was last Thursday. Later tonight I'll post the set-up for the quilt show at the 125th celebration. It was great fun!
The day before I left for Iowa, though, I was so busy that I never had time to post some pics that I wanted to share. Our crazy quilting group called "Tuesday Crazies" (because we meet on Tuesday's most of the time although sometimes on Wednesdays!!) was meeting at my friend Kate's house on Wednesday afternoon for a picnic. I wasn't about to miss it even if it meant I'd be up late packing that night. There are 7 of us in our group - Kate, Sue, Adella, Pandora, Carol, Lori, and me. Kate fixed burgers on the grill, had a big pot of baked beans, potato chips and really good lemonade for our lunch! Her grandaughter, Annika, was her "assistant" and made sure we all had fresh lemonade and plenty of food! It was all very yummy and then Kate topped it all off with that delicious looking tray of cookies you can see below that was baked by her daughter, Dana. They were so pretty, you hated to bite into them! Kate had hung quilts on the fence and it all looked so festive!!

Pictured above are Kate and Sue holding Sue's finished Christmas quilt. Last year we all traded Christmas blocks each month and Sue has already stitched her quilt together and machine quilted it! The rest of us still have a pile of squares waiting to become a quilt!!

Kate lives in the country so here is the pastoral view we enjoyed from our picnic spot. The cows were gathering for some water and shade from the sun.

While being outside was lovely, it had one "down-side" - the mosquitos!! They are way too abundant this year so we retreated indoors and enjoyed a couple hours of stitching and catching up on what we've all been doing the last couple of months. Oh, and it was an especially nice time for me because my birthday was earlier this month so everybody had gifts for me. It was a really sweet day!
Time to take a break. Back later tonight with more on the quilt show in Lehigh.

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