Monday, May 26

Memorial Day, 2008

It's Memorial Day and I am remembering my dad. It was just four weeks ago today that he passed away. He was 81 and, yes, lived a long and full life. He's at peace now. Served his country in time of need and now is at rest. I miss him but have wonderful memories of him and especially of the last few years when I really got back to quilting. He would go to auctions and pick up old quilts and boxes of quilting stuff. Sometimes my mom went along and we would have fun seeing what he brought home. My brother also found lots of fun fabric stuff at estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Quilting and crafting, anything creative, kept us all "stitched together."
For a long time I have wanted to set up a blog and share some of the stories of the quilts my dad and mother bought, those I've made, and the friends I've met along the way. My son encouraged me that I could set up my own blog and so here I am. The technical side is always a challenge for me but once that is accomplished, the rest is easy. Hope you'll enjoy my posts as you read about "the legacy of stitches" that is my quilting story.
Sandi Andersen


Donna Jo Smith said...

Hurray for you! You wear me out with all that you do! Congratulations with figuring out how to "blog." --Donna Jo

Sandie said...

Sandi - you are amazing with all that you do - quilting, baking, teaching, home making (REALLY!!!) - and now blogging! You are such an inspiration to me - but I know I'll never catch up to you! Not even going to try! Keep on "wowwing" us! Sandie

sparkle jars said...

I look forward to reading your future posts! I've enjoyed your first posts. Welcome:-)

Andee said...

So glad you have started a blog...fitting that you started off on Memorial Day and talked about your dad too! I will be reading

Anonymous said...

Hi honey!
I'm delighted to see your blog and look forward to reading lots of fun and interesting stuff. You're doing just fine. :-)


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