Sunday, April 16

Happy Easter again....

I realized tonight as I was going through photos that I never shared these wreaths that I made a couple weeks ago. I made the one above for daughter Collette. Didn't want to share the photo til I had given her the wreath. And then I forgot to post it. Duh! I made the wreath below for me. And I took photos for a tutorial. Looks like I'll be ready with an early Easter project for next Spring!

These wreaths were not difficult to make but it was messy. That Easter grass goes everywhere and clings to everything! I'll be picking up some more eggs and bags of grass after Easter so I can make a couple more for special family and friends. In addition to a photo tutorial, my son Devlin is going to help me do a video tutorial. But for right now.....that's it for tonight.
Have an egg-select Easter Sunday!




Karen said...

Such pretty Easter wreaths. There is so much in craft stores nowadays for the creative mind.

julieQ said...

Happy Easter, Sandy!!!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Thanks, ladies! I'll eventually do a video tutorial on this. My son and I are discussing setting up a designated filming area for me in our basement family room. :-)

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