Sunday, June 7

Computer Problems!

This past Wednesday morning, just a few hours after I posted that I was going to share photos and fun stuff..........guess what? we got a rather lively thunderstorm and quite a bit of lightning and it appears that it zapped our router for the computer. My husband tried all sorts of technical things that day to resurrect said router but it was not to be. So, he called to order a replacement..........and it's "out of stock"! On Friday, he went shopping to see if he could find one locally but none in stock. But, he did find one that Office Max ordered up and it will be delivered by Monday or Tuesday. And they gave him free shipping. Nice touch! I am typing this from his computer which he somehow hooked up to an old router but it doesn't work to have more than one computer on it. This technical stuff is a real pain. I would have had to call the Geek Squad for sure. LOL! Hopefully, he will have the computer up and running soon. I am really missing the daily check-in for e-mails, blogs and Facebook!!
Hope to be back soon with the promised photos!
P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Computers are a pain!!!!! I updated my laptop, the day before we left for my son's wedding, but, found out (after we left) that Comcast (my email provider) doesn't like the program we updated. I couldn't get to my email the whole trip. Hubby finally got it to work again (after several hours of working on it). Hope you are up and running again soon.

Kathy said...

Yikes! I hate it when I have computer problems. It was nice reading your blog...haven't visited in a long time. I'm trying to make a 'come back' in blog land as well as getting back to quilting! I hope your computer is working soon!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Grrr, I know just what you mean. My computer acts up now and then and I waste a lot of time trying to straighten it out. Just found you and enjoying your posts, btw.

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