Monday, August 11

Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop!

It's that time of the year........the statewide Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop event! Perhaps one day I will visit every shop in the state but so far that has never happened. I usually get to just a few shops. In 2010/11/&12, I was fortunate to make samples for Firefly Quilt Shop in Mankato. Every year the fabrics are so fun to see. My favorite was the snow-themed blue and white fabrics. This years fabrics were lovely but to be honest.........I wasn't shopping for Minnesota fabrics. I was in search of batiks and a certain Row-by-Row pattern. Some of you may be familiar with that event which is going on in several states from coast-to-coast. Anyway, I had just one shop in mind this year.........and that shop was Glad Creations............
It is conveniently near where my son works, so I dropped off lunch for him and his employees and then headed to the shop and found just what I was looking for....... batiks! Oh, and a bit of Moda Christmas fabric for good measure. :-) There is a fabulous wall of batiks at Glad Creations and I have visited it before but it's been sometime. To take a peek at it, just click here to check out their website and view that wall of batiks!
I got the Glad Creations Row-by-Row pattern I's Maple Leaves and I have a plan to do a small Row-by-Row quilt in fall fabrics, one with only rows that have a Fall theme. It might be Fall before I actually get it started! While I didn't go to any other shops, I did pick up the flyer that lists all the shops. Perhaps if I'm "out and about" I may get to a few of the shops yet!

So......what does this next photo have to do with quilt shops and fabric? Well, before I ever hit the highway and headed toward the Twin Cities, I first went to Le Sueur to buy a couple dozen ears of Sasse Corn, some for us and some for my son and friends. It is the best sweet corn ever. Really!! I was born and raised in Iowa and my grandma grew and cooked great sweet corn but this corn is the best! We only discovered it two years ago but now that we know about it, we do not miss that chance to enjoy it while the sweet corn season lasts!!

And speaking of the things that last.....well, summer won't last forever and this morning's light rain and breezy afternoon felt almost like Fall! It's my favorite season and so I am anxious for it's arrival! I'm not trying to wish summer away because it has it's special effects, this glorious sunset from last Thursday evening!

We lived in a suburb of the Twin Cities for almost 33 years before we moved out here to the country. Our house sat in an area where I could never see the sunsets. Some nights, I'd drive to the south end of Prior Lake to an area where I could see the sun setting. Now all I have to do is stand on my front porch and look to the west. Lucky, aren't I? Blessed, in fact. You all have a good week now. I will be off to visit friends at nearby assisted living facilities on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing goodies and quilts and conversation to share. More about that later this week. Now I must get back to cleaning/taming my sewing room.  :-)

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