Wednesday, July 30

Tillie's Quilt Shop!

A little over a week ago, I was on my way home from our family reunion and a visit to my mother. I had this idea as I was nearing Fort Dodge (Iowa) that I would check out a local thrift store called "The Key" that my brother had mentioned. I drove up Central Avenue (couldn't help but recall high school days when we would "shag the drag" on a Friday or Saturday night) and didn't see the store but at the end of the street, there before my eyes was a quilt shop! Now my brother says he had told me about it but with all the comings and goings related to health things with my mom, I think I must have missed that. I was not going to miss it that day, though. I turned the corner and found a parking place. I figured that they might also know where "The Key" was. I walked in and I stopped in my tracks......really......and I said "Oh, my goodness!" Yes, I did. It was the most amazing shop. It reminded me of an art gallery. I don't need to say anymore. Just take a look at the pictures I took. Shop owner, Jo Seltz, gave me permission to share. 

Hope you enjoyed these peeks at Tillies Quilt Shop. I didn't find a website for the shop but if you are on Facebook just search "Tillies Quilts" for their address and store hours. If you are anywhere near Fort Dodge, Iowa, you really must visit this shop! I was in a bit of a hurry, so I only picked up a bit of batik fabric and some Iowa themed fabric (will be great for some mug rug gifts). I'll make sure to have more time to shop on my next visit........coming up in August.
And so...........did Jo and her staff know where "The Key" thrift store was? Yes, they did and they also knew that it was closed on Mondays so I wouldn't be able to visit. That can happen on another Iowa visit. I was just glad to find Tillies Quilts!  I found another favorite shop "Country Peddlar" on my way home to Minnesota and found some wonderful treasures for my friend, Sue and a couple of things for me, too. I love fabric, finding treasures, chocolate, friends, ah, life is good.  :-)
Happy Wednesday! The weekend will be here soon!


Needled Mom said...

Oh my goodness!!! That looks amazing. I see more visits in the future for you.

Lindah said...

A beautiful shop! I think my mouth would have been agape. It must be huge to have space for all those props. Thank you for the photos. I love visiting shops in different towns. Each one has a different "personality," a different collection of fabrics and finished pieces. Really revs up my inspiration. :-)

Lindah said...

PS "Huge" refers to the shop --not my mouth. Altho it may be huge, too. lol

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a wonderful space, and so well decorated. Very creative. Glad you found it.

Beth said...

I could not have made myself hurry. I would have been going around and around. It is am awesome store. Not sure when I might have a chance to go there, but.....;)

Me and My Stitches said...

What a nice surprise to stumble on to! I am vending at a quilt show in Ft. Dodge in October - and you can bet I will find time to find Tillie's while I'm there!

Tanmay Roy said...

Wonderful photos! Thumbs up(y)

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