Monday, June 9

What's on the line?......Aprons!

I promised that my feature "What's on the line?" would return today and here it is. However, it's not quilts on the line but aprons! There's a story behind these aprons.... of course! On one of those days when winter would not end this past year, I received an unexpected package in the mail. It came from my friend, Pandora, and inside were all these lovely aprons. She was sorting through things and doing a bit of "down-sizing" and said that she knew that I would care for these aprons and share them with other quilting and stitching friends. And so I am!  So here's the "Apron Fashion Show" for this Monday "on the line".......

Of all the aprons, this one is my favorite. It was very petite and is made of the softest cotton fabric. It reminded me of aprons that I made when I got married in 1968.
This lovely apron reminded me of all those bridal showers in the 1950's and 1960's when the hostess would wear a lovely creation like this one. The pansies are crocheted then stitched to the apron and the maker embroider a tiny green stem for each flower. This one is too pretty to wear!

There were seven gingham embroidered aprons in the box and the work on each is different. The handwork on these three aprons is quite detailed, especially the gold and white gingham apron in the middle. 
The handwork on these aprons is more simple cross-stitch and not quite as detailed as those in the previous photo. My favorite of all the gingham aprons is the one with the tulips on it. I love tulips!

It lovely, lush and green when I hung the aprons on the line Sunday afternoon but it was a bit cloudy. I was hoping for just a peek of sunshine and I think my photos might have been better. It just kept getting cloudier because rain is on it's way. Oh, well, a rainy day is a good day for indoor projects! I need to take photos of my wooly projects that I want to share with you. Will get to that one day this week........
Have a great Monday!!


Busy Little Quilter said...

How sweet of her to share them with you. I love aprons. I have my mom's apron. It, too, is gingham (pink) and it has chicken scratch embroidery done in a darker pink. I love to wear it when I bake her favortie cookies: tea cakes.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Pretty, pretty aprons. Thanks for sharing, and glad your friend shared them with you.

Beth said...

I don't wear aprons, but I have such good memories of my Mom and my Grandma Mc working around the house in aprons. Grandmas always wore those full aprons that were almost a dress. Mom always wore half aprons in different designs. So kmuch fun. Thanks for sharing.

Saskia said...

Hello Sandra, While I was sewing a crocheted amigurumi alpaca toghether, I looked at the back of my lovely 'needlecase-book' and found your name. I won this in 2010 at 'One World One Heart'! :) I had a time-out for crafting, because our son was sick at 2011-2012 and I had a charity project running the last 2 years (handmade cuddly toys for children at the hospital). But now I'm back for crafting (painting, crochet,...). Just to let you know that I'm still using the lovely needle-book!!!

Greetings and smiles from Belgium,
Saskia :)

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