Monday, November 11

Autumn is coming to an end..........

The pretty trees in this photo below line the hillside in our backyard. I took the photo in early October. The trees look so pretty as they are changing colors and so for several days, I took photos at different times of the day to note the changes. It's good to have photos of all this pretty color because we have had our first snow.........only a couple inches and I didn't get a photo of it.......but winter is just around the corner. There are still some leaves on the trees but the pretty colors are gone.
Also in early October, I took lots of photos at the Ewenique Quilter's Show in St. Peter, MN. It was their first large quilt show and it was really, really nice! My daughter, Collette, met me for lunch at the show and then we enjoyed strolling up and down the aisles, more than once, looking at all the quilts and pretties. I loved this exhibit vintage miniature sewing machines. Reminded me of a one I had when I was a little girl............
There was a nice selection of vendors at the show. This smiling face is the owner of Knit and Sew World in St. Peter.I got my Brother sewing machine. I am very, very happy with my machine.  :-)
And these smiling faces belong to Jackie and Ann, two of the trio that own Sewing Seeds Quilt Co. in New Ulm. I loved so many of the pieces that I saw in their booth. Collette and I are planning a day trip out to New Ulm so we can check out their shop!
Take a look at the lovely pieces made by some members of the Ewenique Quilters. I bought one of these because I just could not resist!
The Judges Choice award went to this beautiful quilt by Joan Miller. Here work is just exquisite and every quilt she shared at the show was gorgeous!  I have never made a large, intricate quilt. I really love making small projects because I eventually get them finished. ;-)

I tried to remember to take a photo of the information sheets for all the quilts that I photographed. Unfortunately, I missed it on this one and it's a beauty. If any of you know the maker, please let me know. I love the turgoise blue that she used. It makes me think of a pretty turgoise and white polka dot skirt that my mom made in the 1950' for me and one for my sister.
Here's another intricate quilt that caught my eye and Collette's. It was made by Joyce Weckwerth and she said it's not as hard as it looks. It's a Judy Martin pattern.
I love Dresden plate quilts and this one really reminded me of the 1970's and was, in fact, made in 1975.
Read the quilt's story here.......just double click on the photo to enlarge it.
This quilt was my favorite. It was made by Ruth Hall and she used vintage embroidered linens that she had made and also from her grandmother and mother. Of all the quilts I saw, this is the one that inspired me and makes me want to do something similar.
Collette and I really liked this quilt. My mom would have liked this one as she has told us she can remember hobos in the 1930's that would come to the back door for food.  And being from Iowa, we are familiar with the Hobo convention that is held in Britt,Iowa every summer.

Collette was so happy when she saw this quilt for sale at the Ewenique Quilter's Guild booth. She loved the embroidery on it and was so excited when the "quilt called her name".  ;-)
On my way home that day, I pulled to the side of the road on Hwy 169 when I saw the sun shining on the trees along the hill. It was just gorgeous!
Here's my goodies that I bought at the quilt show...........the pumpkin fabric is a doorprize that I won. The little owl is a cutie that I bought for my mom. His eyes are yo-yo's and his feet are buttons. His body is lightly stuffed and his wings are felt. I took the owl to my mom a couple weeks later and she thought it was just so cute. It's the kind of thing she would have made. I bought one little "candy" pack of fabrics and I chose the turguoise bobbin necklace. I had a hard time choosing which necklace to buy. They were all so pretty!
And when I was visiting my mom, she commented that she needed a little something to hang below the clock in her room at the Care Center. So, I used a block that was in her fabrics and made her a little Sunbonnet Sue quilt. The little quilt is only about eight inches square. I liked that brown border fabric that was in my friend, Cindy's stash, as it reminded me of swirling leaves. Perfect for fall!
The little quilt went off in the mail last Thursday, so yesterday, I called my mom to see if it had arrived. And it had and she said it was really cute but then she added.....but I really like that owl.  ;-)
That's all for today. Busy days ahead with volunteer projects at church, the library and holidays coming up. "What's on the line?" will take a break and return after the New Year. In the meantime, going to try to catch up on photos and projects I've meant to share and just was too busy to do. Back soon........


Pat said...

What wonderful quilts at that show and, of course, those fall photos of the beautiful trees are spectacular. I'm glad your mother was happy with the owl and the little quilt you made for her wall. I clicked to enlarge the photo of Collette's quilt from the show but was unable to make out all the squares.......can you tell me more about it?

Marie said...

the show was fabulous .. I went on Saturday and then went back on Sunday .... make that trek to Sewing Seeds --- cool place there are 2 other quilt shops in NU -- Thimble Box and ???? (brain fart) all are equally fun.

Needled Mom said...

I loved seeing the beautiful quilts. The antique linens one is really stunning. I can't wait to see your version!! your mom going to get the owl too????

Beth said...

What beautiful quilts. Looks like a wonderful show.
Love the changing leaves pictures too. We still have a few leaves on our trees but only a few. I always feel a bit sad for the naked trees.
Thanks for sharing.

grammygwendolyn said...

What a cute wall hanging you made for your mom. I think you should make one for each season.

Anonymous said...

All the quilts are gorgeous and Joan's is outstanding!! No need for snow photos....I need only look outside!!!! Love the GREEN grass and beautiful tree colors. Thanks for sharing the lovelies!!! Hugs....

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