Monday, August 12

What's on the line?

I missed posting a quilt "on the line" last week. It's just been really busy. Our grandson was here for a visit and it was more important to enjoy time with him than be at the computer. Plus, we had special husband's cousin, Paul, and his wife Connie came for a visit! I have pictures and I'll get them shared soon but since this is a "quilting blog", I decided I'd better share a quilt picture. So, this afternoon, while my husband, Steve, and our son, Devlin were staining our deck, I trooped out to my clothesline in the trees to take a picture of this cross-stitch beauty...........

And I realized immediately that I was taking the photo too late in the afternoon and the sun was creating too much shadow from the trees. So I left the quilt hanging on the line and waited until later in the evening and almost forgot about it. The sun was almost down so this photo isn't all that good either.

Now the story behind the quilt............It was made by Isabelle Bertha Elm sometime in the 1950's to 1960's and is hand-quilted.  Her daughter, Delores Jebron, gave me the quilt because I already have four quilts that she and her mother made. Funny thing .......... I just realized that I have not shared them here on my blog. In order to tell you the story of the quilt that is "on the line" today, I will have to do that. I can't believe I haven't shared those quilts but a search of my blog told me I hadn't!  Wow, I will get to that next week. Look for four awesome quilts coming up on the next four Mondays!
In the meantime, here is a picture I took of the deer in our neighbor's back yard. I have seen this doe and her twins several times lately and finally I got a picture of them! 
One more thing for today and that is the names of the winners of the poinsettia fabric boxes...........
And the winners are.........Gene Black and Margie.  I've sent e-mails to them and await their replies. Thank you for all your comments about your silver and gold friends for the contest. After reading all your comments, I wanted to be able to send fabric to all of you and could easily do that..........if I could afford the postage. LOL! 
Another busy day tomorrow. I'll be heading out to a nearby assisted living facility to share some of my quilts and pretties. We are having some gorgeous weather here in Minnesota so it is just awesome to be out and about!
Have a good week!


Beth said...

Oh that cross stitched quilt looks so beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the other quilts and hear the story.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad you had time with your family. That is the important thing in life. Cute deer.

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