Sunday, March 10

Springing forward...................

Yes, I know that spring is near and yes, today I did "spring forward" and all our clocks are now one hour ahead. I am not fond of Daylight Savings Time. I hate losing that hour and wish that the time could be one way or the other and not switching back and forth. Anyway, it was an especially busy week and I seemed to be short on time. I spent some time working on the "Happy Town" quilt project but today after church, I just felt I needed to do something different. I have a "to do" pile of projects that is really getting deep and so I decided to work on one of them. This one to be exact............
This is a pattern project that Pat Sloan featured on her blog titled "Seasons of Grace". The stocking quilt is a part of the plot in Emilie Richards book "Sister's Choice" and she and Pat teamed up to share their designs and stocking patterns.  I read the book and really enjoyed it, and I decided I wanted to make the quilt. I did really well on getting the first eight blocks finished. And then..........oops! other things came up and the project went in the "to do" pile until this past weekend.  I had the blocks in my "car bag" so I finished up the circle stocking on the left and the star stocking on the right last Friday while in traffic. No.........I wasn't driving.......... however........... if I sew while my husband is driving, I am able to be more relaxed.  ;-)  And so today, knowing that I was down to just two stockings, I thought.........I could finish them this afternoon. I decided to make a boy and a girl........because I have two kids, a boy and a girl. In Pat's pattern, there is a stocking that is made from the selvedge edges of fabrics and I decided not to make that one so that I would have room to make two gingerbread folk.  Next Sunday, I will sew the blocks together. I have spring things to do and the "Happy Town" quilt to finish this week. If you want to get a head start on Christmas, you can check out Pat's blog. You'll find the pattern and info on Emilie Richards book here.
Winter is really hanging on here in Minnesota and the upper midwest so that might also be why it seemed appropriate today to work on a Christmas project. If the weatherfolk are right, we will may get to 40 degrees on Friday. Wow! Heat wave! 
Have a good Monday and a great start to the week!


Kate said...

Sandi, your stocking quilt looks terrific. Lucky you to have 40 in your forecast for Friday - enjoy it. We're still waiting for such a treat. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Girl!! If you check my first post for today you will see what S.E.MN ended up with (Houston area). That 40F number is what I'm "holding on to" this week. The sun is supposed to be in sight by Wed! Your "finish it up" project is so cute and will feel good to have completed! Have a great Monday!!! Hugs, Doreen

Beth said...

Your Seasons of Grace is so cute. I read the book (all of that series actually) but I did not find Pat's site until much later.
Feels good to get a project moved forward doesn't it?
Have a good week.

PatSloan said...

Beautiful Sandi! Thank you for sharing.. big hugs!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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