Wednesday, December 12


It's been a very good day.
Actually, the last couple of days have been very good days!! Lots of good plans being made for 2013.  And, of course, stitching with friends is high on my list!  Makes me smile when I thing of some of my favorite crazy quilting friends. It all started when we made a crazy quilt for a fundraiser at The*Landing in Shakopee. We had so much fun we wanted to keep stitching together. So we were invited to stitch at the Stans Museum in Shakopee, the home of The*Scott*County*Historical*Society.  In January of 2000, I presented a program on crazy quilting and from that event, came the group we call "The Scott County Crazy Quilter's".  At the end of November we celebrated with a potluck and the 13th Christmas of our little group! We are one happy bunch..........
That's Laura, Carol and me in the back row and Judith, Sharon and Deana in the front. Deanna works at The Landing and we met at an Info Expo when she set up a booth for The Landing. If I had never met her, we wouldn't be stitching together. Judith was a member of the staff at the Historical Society when I first met her. We wouldn't be stitching there if I had never met her!  I am so thankful that I met both of them! Our group meets in the evening (4th Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in case you want to join us) but some of us wanted to stitch during the day. So, we just started meeting and pretty soon we called ourselves "Tuesday Crazies". That's because we met on Tuesdays........not because we are crazy. LOL!
In early November, the weather was fine and so we gathered at my house for lunch and an afternoon of stitching. Sue is working on her Baltimore Album blocks.........
 Kate was handquilting a Civil War project.

Pandora had just returned from Florida and shared this gorgeous quilt she made. Looks like she can still be at the beach!

Adella was doing embroidery and applique on her Sunbonnet Sue dishtowels.

And Carol shared this adorable little embroidered sampler quilt.
Arlis has been working on this tiny hexagon quilt and shared her finished quilt. So sweet!
And my project? It's one I've been working on since 2006. I was sure I'd have all the rows sewn together for my Mary E crazy quilt by December of this year................
Ummm, I'm hoping that I can make that happen! There are still 19 days in December so it could happen.  Wish me luck. Lots of Christmas stuff to do but I am determined to finish the rows. I am handstitching the entire project..........just because. :-)  When it comes to projects that need to be finished, though, I have decided that some of the things on my Christmas list will not get done this year. They are now on the list for next year. Hope you all had a good day!


Cindy said...

Great projects, great friends and blessings all around. I think of you so often this time of year as I put the wonderful star ornament on my tree that you so kindly made me a few years ago. You're "my" unexpected blessing. Hugs to you.

Sandi said...

And, Cindy, you were on my mind when I was decorating my tree last weekend.......and I hung the reindeer CD ornament!! Hugs back at ya!

Nanette Merrill said...

What a great group of ladies. Isn't this one of the things that makes life sweeter.

Rosa said...

Beautiful projects.Congrats to all the ladies!

Beth said...

All beautiful projects. There is nothing better than sewing with friends.
I have recently decided that all my projects are on the three year plan. LOL If I get finished before that I am early. ;)
Can't wait to see the finished crazy quilt.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

For me, the best part of quilting is getting to quilt with friends, and the friends I've made by quilting.

Anonymous said...

I love what I can see of it! I only have one friend to get together with every Monday morning. We invite others, but it's still just the two of us. I love the time together, though.

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