Saturday, November 20

Lots of quilting fun!

Last Thursday, I finally made it to the monthly Kindred Kwilters meeting. I joined the group last spring but I found myself on the road alot or busy with programs and family things and just never made it to recent meetings. I figured I better get going or I would miss out on a lot of quilting fun! And that sure would have been the case if I had missed this meeting!
The speaker/program for the evening was Lucy who is teacher and staff member at Firefly Quilt Shop and she has a long-arm business, too! That's Lucy in the photo on the left. She's holding a beautiful vintage quilt that her mother made years ago. It's a tied quilt and so, yes, I know that it cannot really be called a quilt but it is a quilt top that was stitched with love so that's what counts in my book. Lucy shared that quilt and others that she sees as her "Legacy". And of course, I had to share her photo and story because it fits with my blog title and my own quilty mission in life! Love those old quilts and cherish them!
Lucy also shared some wonderful examples of her current quilts and the beautiful machine quilting that she does. Sorry, but I didn't get pictures. We were all too busy "oooooh and aaaahhing" over the quilts as she took each one from the huge bag she brought.
After Lucy's presentation, there was Show and Tell from the members of the group. I love Show and Tell and actually had finished projects to share! Next meeting, I'll try to engage my brain and get pictures during Show and Tell. I did get one photo of Diane who was sitting near me. She made one of my penny rugs and brought it to share. It's always fun to see projects made from my patterns. :-)

After we finished "showing and telling", it was time to go down the hall to the room where Firefly Quilt Shop had set up shop for the group. I was just at the shop a week ago and bought some batiks but I couldn't resist adding four more for a project I'm making for my son's friend. I also bought one of those 10-minute tablerunner kits and patterns. I've looked at it and I am not so sure it can be made in ten minutes. LOL! I loved the Christmasy fabric in the kit but decided I will try the pattern first with some old fabric I don't care about and give the pattern a test first. If I don't like how it turns out, I'll use the pretty Christmas fabrics for another project. :-)

Here are some of the gals doing some shopping. You might recognise those blue and white projects. They are the ones I made for the annual Minnesota Shop Hop event from this past summer. The bundles of fabric for the "10-minute tablerunner are in the case at the bottom of the photo on the left. There were oh, so many goodies one could buy but I restrained myself quite nicely. That was not easy to do, as I do love fabric so much. LOL!

Just before I arrived at the meeting, I took a quick side-trip to the local library. Many members made small quilts that were being raffled off in a silent auction with all the proceeds going to the library. There were so many lovely projects on display so here are a few of the items you could have bid on if you stopped into the LeSueur County Library in November. Each quilt was given a number but one did not know the quilts maker. Bids were to be placed with the librarian on duty. I really liked how they did this and it is such an easy fundraiser for the library. I've been involved in many silent auction projects but this one is set up very efficiently!

The quilts were displayed above the rows of books...........

And some were displayed on the endcaps of each row of books.......

I really liked the two handbags/totes that you see in this photo.

The placemats in this photo were really pretty and a popular bid item.
And I thought this apron was a really cute way to use charm squares!

The auction ended today so there's no chance for any of you to add to the bidding but you might find inspiration in these photos for a project of your own or for a fundraiser for your favorite library!
Today, Saturday, I spent sewing and doing laundry. Which do you think was my favorite activity of the day? Easy..........sewing wins for sure. LOL! I'll share photos of what I was sewing in my next post which will be on Monday when you'll see "what's on the line?" See you then. In the meantime, have a lovely Sunday!


Pat said...

Great idea for a fundraiser! I'm glad you made the quilt guild meeting...seems like it was fun. Do be sure to let us know if the 10 minute pattern really was 10 minutes!!! I'm somehow doubting that, too. LOL

Needled Mom said...

What fun!!! I want Lucy's haircut!!

It looks like there were some wonderful projects to enjoy.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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