Tuesday, June 1

Welcome June!

I can't believe that the month of June has arrived! May flew by so quickly that many things I wanted to get done, simply did not get done. I'm feeling better and thank goodness, because I was able to go home to Iowa and visit my mother. And.......she's come back with me for a visit. She'll be here for at least a week or so and have several things planned to keep us busy. This morning we are headed out to a couple of thrift shops and then lunch. I may not post often in the next few days but I'll be taking photos so when I do post, you can see how much fun we're having. :-) Lovely weather here in Minnesota. Hope it's nice where you all are! Have a lovely day!


Owl Lady said...

How wonderful that you can enjoy time with your mother and that you share so many interests! Does she follow your blog? I think that it would be fun if she would write a post for your blog. How about it? Is she interested?

Mom2fur said...

My mom and I love to shop together, too. We live 600 miles apart--she's in Ohio, I'm in New York, but we always know exactly where we want to go when I visit her! (We'll be driving there in July.)
I hope you continue to have good weather and lots of fun with your mom!

Barb said...

Sounds like you will have a wonderful time with you mom...glad you are better.

Pat said...

Just got back from a daytrip to NJ to surprise little Jessi for her 6th birthday. We had a fun time! I'm glad you and your mom are going to have a fun week ahead!

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