Monday, December 14

Wooly Fun, Part One

Good morning! Did you have a good weekend? Got all your shopping done? Cards in the mail? Cookies baked, the house is clean…...........wait a minute………I didn’t get all those things done, did you? I did really “move forward”with lots of stuff on my "to do" list........You may remember that I am no longer trying to “catch up”, I am just moving forward. It works so much better!! And so, while my Christmas cards aren’t in the mail and there are no cookies baked, I did get almost all my Christmas shopping done!!
In fact, I had a very successful and interesting shopping day on Saturday. I started with my list……..first thing, get to the post office by noon to mail a few packages and I did!
Next stop…….Firefly Quilt Shop which is conveniently only about a block from the post office. :-) The shop was busy. There was an appliqué group meeting in the classroom and several customers were checking out fabrics. As I walked in, I noticed a tall woman and my first thought was……”my, she looks like Heather Mulder Peterson from the Christmas Blog Hop.” And then I thought, “no that can’t be, she doesn’t live in this area” but then I kept wondering. One of the gals who was shopping mentioned that they were all on retreat together and then said something that made me realize, “hey, it must be Heather”. And yet, I’m thinking … “what are the odds that I would run into Heather Mulder Peterson when I am planning to post about her Peppermint Candy Penny Rugs on my Monday blog post?”

Well, the odds were in my favor……… was, in fact, Heather, and so I blurted out how I had stitched up three of her little penny mats and the last two were done while I was with my mom at the hospital. And how, whenever I would get out my stitching, it seemed that a doctor or nurse would come in or we would be told to go to the next appointment but I kept stitching even if it was in small bits of time!! Heather was ever so nice and so were all the gals with her. I’m thinking they had a great weekend retreat together. Now, you would think that I would have perhaps taken a picture, but I figured if they are out having a fun weekend together they did not need to be bothered by some crazy lady with her camera. If you want to check out Heather's blog, just click here. You can see my finished mats in use on the tea boxes in our living room. I bought the green glass dishes for 50 cents each at a thrift shop last summer and I think they look great on the little penny mats!

I actually did have a purpose in stopping by at Firefly (other than buying Christmas fabric at 40% off!). I dropped off a little something to tweek the interest of those who like to sew with wool. My good friend, Sherry, who was in my Wooly Buddies group in Prior Lake, gave me the picture frame with the sheep on it and I knew it was perfect for the flyer I typed up because............................starting in January, I’ll be at Firefly the first Wednesday afternoon of each month to share tips and a special little pattern for everyone who signs up for "Wooly Wednesdays"! If you live in the area, just call Firefly or check out their newsletter if you are on the mailing list. :-)

Janice, owner of Firefly, is getting in lots of new wool and patterns so you'll find lots of fun things to make. Winter can be so cold and dreary so we'll make it wooly and fun!
That's all the photos for today. No photos of my great Christmas stocking finds because somebody might be reading this and figure out what they will find in their stocking.
Oh, I did have one other great find while I was shopping. I decided to purchase the Martha Stewart glitter for the candy canes I'm making because it's just so fine. Really, it's super fine and just plain looks better. And I got lucky because the large bottles of the Mica glitter that I wanted were marked at 40% off so I bought two! Now I have enough glitter to make an entire Army of candy canes!
As noted above, this is Wooly Fun, Part One. Tomorrow will be Part Two. :-) I'll be sharing a little about the visit I made to "The Woolen Needle" when I was in Iowa City last week. Til then.....have a good Monday!


Nihal said...

Good morning dear Sandi:)
Did you have a good weekend?->Yes, I did after a week stressed.
Got all your shopping done? ->Yes, I did online shopping:)
Cards in the mail? -> No not yet, still writing. Pls do not forget to send me yours because I'm at office now and your data at home:(

Sandi, may I ask you to make your contribution for my siggy memorial quilt? It would not be complete if a mini block from you is not included in. I know you're busy and feel free yourself -if you can.

FYI: it's an unfinished square of 11,4cm (4,5'') in size. A piece of muslin in the center, other parts colorful fabric. You sign w/yr data ie name,town, country, date. I would love your Christmas-theme signature (siggy) block:)

More info can be found in my post:

Have a wonderful week, and lots of love as usual.

Pat said...

How much fun was THAT to meet Heather? I surely hope she also found out in your chat (or from the shop owner) that you are a very talented "wool-worker".......and she actually should have been honored to meet YOU!!! Seriously......she should! I am wishing I lived near enough to Firefly to take advantage of your Wooly Wednesday and meet you in person.

Crispy said...

I agree with what Pat said!! You have done MUCH to promote woolies and are a fantastic and generous designer in your own right!!


Anonymous said...

It was fun to meet you at the shop on Saturday! I enjoyed your story about the penny mats and was thrilled to hear that you had already completed three of them. I have to say that you have the best plates on your car. Aren't we all at our happiest when stitching?

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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