Saturday, December 12

Only 12 days............

until Christmas Eve. I checked my little hiding place where I keep my stocking stuffers and I think I have everybody covered except my husband. So that means that I'll be heading out tomorrow to do some last minute shopping! I deemed today too cold to go out and Kaiser agreed with me. It was a good day for "catching up" and that's what I did! You don't want to hear about my laundry or cleaning so instead I'm going to share a couple of "pet" photos. Some of you have commented or e-mailed me that you enjoy the pics that I share of Kaiser. I remembered that I had a couple of photos of him in his reindeer ears and I thought you might get a chuckle out of these.........I put the reindeer ears on his head and he would not look at the camera.............

and when he finally turned around it was as if he said "okay, I'll turn toward the camera but I will not open my eyes!!" LOL!!
This next photo is my sister's cat and her name is Liz..........the cat is sister's name is Judy......... :-)
My husband is allergic to cat's so we can't have one but if I was going to have a cat, I would want one like Liz. She was very sweet and quite petite. Liz is playing with the fabric that I had laid out so I could trace candy canes. I had so much fun making the ones from the Christmas blog hop that I bought some cool striped fabrics so I can make lots. Tomorrow I will pick up some Martha Stewart Glitter to decorate the candy canes. I tried regular glitter but it's just not fine enough.
When I was looking for the picture of Kaiser in his reindeer ears, I came across this one of my grandson's cats. Jacob named them Marty and Emmet and in this picture I can't tell which one is which. What I can tell you is that sweet as they may look in this picture, they managed to topple the Christmas tree at my daughter's house! They get kind of mischievous but they are also quite cute and fluffy. I'll be seeing them tomorrow when I stop by with some little Christmas treats for Jacob.
I'll be busy this weekend with Christmas things so won't check in again til Monday. Enjoy the weekend!


Pat said...

Love the pet photos. I was going to make some of those candy canes and totally forgot...have to try to wander around Blogland and find the pattern again. I know it was during Gundrun's recent 12 days' of Christmas blog hop.

Crispy said...

Kaiser cracked me up, the things humans do to their pets, it just messes up their dignity LOL.


julieQ said...

What cute pets!! I love those photos...and I too need stocking stuffers for dear husband. They are the toughest ones sometimes.

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