Wednesday, September 16

A day out at the Minneapolis Institute of Art!

My friend, Deanna, and I had a great visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art today. We went to see a vintage crazy quilt that is only on display for another two weeks. I had seen the quilt when it was on exhibit in 1999. Another quilting friend, Marianne, learned of it and took me along to see it. I couldn't take any pictures of the quilt but if you would like to see it just click here. I'll tell you more about it later on but I have a cold/flu thing that seems to be trying to take hold of me although, I keep trying to not let it get me. I'm turning in early tonight and will come back in the morning with more quilt details. I'll also share some pictures of a little "side-trip" that I made on my way home .....a quick stop at the "13th Annual Old Barn Boutique". Most of the day was cloudy while we were in the museum but when I stopped at the Old Barn Boutique the sun was shinging and made for some gorgeous photos.
Later then......

P.S. I have been cutting Christmas charm squares for those of you that won my Christmas charm squares drawing. I'll get them in the mail in a week or so along with some fat quarters and some other gifties to those of you that participated in my tea and potholder challenges in my Yahoo groups. :-)


Kaye said...

I went to the site and saw the quilt. It is breathtaking. I was able to zoom in real close to the blocks and see the detail. At the exhibit do they tell you how it stayed in such good condition for the past 85 years. I would like to know the secret as most of us don't look that good after 85 years LOL

Sandi said...

Deanna and I were wondering the same thing! It is in excellent condition! Yep, if I were a quilt I don't think I'll look that good at 85. LOL!

Pat said...

Heck...I don't look that good and I'm not even 65 heaven knows what 85 will look like for me!!! Hope you don't come down with the flu or anything else.

Crispy said...

Get lots of rest and plenty of fluids...we will be here when you feel all better :0)


Needled Mom said...

I hope you feel better soon. Have lots of fluids and chicken soup!!!

Oh my...what a quilt!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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