Monday, June 30

Surely June can't be over already!!!

This month of June has flown by so fast that I really cannot believe that tomorrow is the first of July! And even my grandson feels that time passes too fast! As he got ready for bed Saturday night, he was adding up how many days he'd spent here (he came on Thursday) and he said "the time has gone by too fast!" We certainly had fun this past weekend, though, as the time was flying by.
We started out on Friday with our main goal to go grocery shopping but Jacob asked "where else will we be going" and I said we had to stop at JoAnn's and get fleece and flannel. His response? "Can we look at some other fabric, too?" He knows that many times we pick out fabric for a bag or pillowcase or some project and sure enough we found one this time - Transformer fabric that he spotted while I was picking out the fleece I needed! He chose Taco John's for lunch and then we went to Target and printed out pictures from the Lehigh Quilt Show and some of the parade pictures. I had never printed pictures from my digital camera and this "not so technically adept woman" found that it is very easy to do! Anyway, we got the groceries and got home in time to put everything away and then went to the classic car parade on Main Street. Jacob picked the ones he wanted pictures of and I was his photographer.
On Saturday afternoon, we went down to the park to view the cars where they were on display in the park. Then the rain came and it got kind of cold so we came home. We were going to make fabric postcards but instead we made a felt turtle from a pattern found on-line and then I made the Transformer pillowcases. There was enough fabric to do one for Jacob and one for his friend, Robby. Then it was time to go to sleep on that pillow so Jacob went off to bed and I finished up the laundry.
Sunday dawned nice and sunny and we went off to church, then home to pack sandwiches and then Grandma, Grandpa and Jacob headed off to the parade. The Sauerkraut Days committee did a great job on getting participants for the parade. I'll post a few pics. My daughter, Collette, joined us and our favorite entry was the Su Fu Du band, drums,etc. out of Sioux Falls, SD. I would have enjoyed listening to them play more!
When the parade was done, we went up the street to Toody's for ice cream cones. A nice end to a great weekend. It's always fun to have Jacob visit. I just get a little tired 'cause I'm not used to having a kid around 24/7! I slept in this morning and then took a nap this afternoon just to recover!
Today's project was to work on details for the "Sew and Share" day that is coming up in two weeks. Had to set up an account at the bank for donations, then designed some flyers and posted around town, and will mail some to area churches. If you're reading my blog for the first time, go to for more details.
I squeezed in a little sewing time this evening. Did some embroidery of a little chick on a quilt block. I have a chicken story to share but it'll have to wait til tomorrow. I'll tell the story and post the photos tomorrow afternoon. I have to download the parade pics and then will pick just a few to post.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What good memories you are making with him.

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