Thursday, June 17

A new blog that you might like..........

And all you have to do is click the button on my sidebar and you will find a really great, new blog........but first, let me tell you about where you'll be going. This story starts with my sister. She's not a blogger but every so often she sends me a link to a blog or website that she thinks I might be interested in and this was one she sent me this past spring. It's not a quilting blog but it's author, Elizabeth, is a young mom that is doing a project each month that she will give to her kid's at Christmas......hence the name of her blog..... "TwelveCraftsTillChristmas". When I read her posts and looked at the photos of her projects, they reminded me of all the fun stuff I did with my kids. Sometimes the most simple supplies can become a really fun activity for kids!

When my daughter was four we had moved to a new home in a neighborhood that was loaded with kids. It was soon clear that I was the "crafty mom" in the neighborhood and our house was known as the place where you could use glitter and glue to your heart's content. When I would wax my kitchen floor it often had a bit of sparkle because we never quite got all the glitter cleaned up after a project. LOL! We made doll furniture from oatmeal boxes, painted Plaster of Paris projects, dyed weeds we picked along the railroad tracks, oodles of things from felt, and we painted rocks to look like turtles, fish and lady bugs. We spent 33 years in our house and shortly before we moved we emptied out two large flower pots and in the dirt we found a lady bug. Not a real one, though. It was one my daughter Collette had painted almost 30 years before and probably placed it next to the flowers in the pot. I laughed to think how long that ladybug had been sitting in that pot. I took it out and washed it off and gave it to her to sit in her ladybug themed laundry room. Some things that we enjoy never change. And the memories that go with them last forever. That's what I liked about Elizabeth's blog. She's making fun stuff for her kids and it will provide lots of fun memories for many years to come. So right now, just click on that button and check out the fun stuff she has been making. Enjoy!!
Could be a stormy day here in Minnesota. I'll be watching the skies. Hope it's a good day where you are!
P.S. My favorite project on Elizabeth's blog is the play mail carrier...........just click here to see it. :-)


Pat said...

Looks like a good blog.......will have to explore it when I get back home later today. Thanks for the link. CUTE story about Collette's ladybug rock!!!

joanne lendaro said...

What a nice story! Sounds like you left some pretty cool memories for those kids in the neighborhood. I'll check out the blog, 12 days till Christmas, I can relate, but it would have been "the night before"!

Crispy said...

Aww what a sweet story :0) You will be in for a LOT of rain if you get the same storm we had this morning....sheesh!!


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

What good memories. Trish

Micki said...

Lovely post and I will check out the blog.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I adore her mail carrier too!

I sent you an email. Have a wonderful day!

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