Sunday, September 13

Minnesota State Fair - Part Two

The afternoon got away from me and it's almost evening! Beautiful sunset is building out to the west but my camera can't catch it's magic. It has been a hot day here in Minnesota and if it weren't for the calendar we wouldn't suspect it is supposed to be fall!!! It's about 80 degrees outside! I'm glad it wasn't this hot for our outing to the Fair. And speaking of the Fair, let me get to it and show you some more photos of that great day! I wish had names for the items, I'll be showing and can only hope that those who entered these items in the Fair don't mind that their project is shown here.

Remember that woolly sheep in my last post? Well, you only have to take a look at this Father Christmas figure to see why I would love some of that wool! All you, Wooly Buddies, out there should like this gentleman in his red plaid robe with touches of penny rug style on the hem. It only earned a third place ribbon. I give it a blue. The American Swedish Institute liked it and gave it an award and I agree with that one.

Right behind Father Christmas was this gorgeous pieced and embroidered quilt. This was my favorite quilt at the Fair. I did not get the ribbon it won in the photo but I believe it was a first place blue.

Stacia and I liked this quilt and we were amazed at the number of triangles in this quilt that earned a red second place ribbon.

We also liked this one that had a unique addition to the embroidered basket blocks there were tiny blue Swarovski crystals carefully placed around the quilt. It only earned a white third place. I know they can't give blue ribbons to every quilt but the work on this one was excellent.
In addition to quilts there were many other needlework and craft projects to see.

These beautifully detailed dolls are one example. Very, very nice and earned a well-deserved blue ribbon.

I thought I'd seen all the quilts until my son, Devlin, asked if I'd seen the beautiful many stars quilt. He took me around to see it and thank goodness he did or I couldn't show it to you. This quilt earned a blue ribbon, a purple grand champion ribbon and was awarded the Minnesota Quilter's Sweepstakes ribbon!!! It is absolutely amazing!

I don't knit or crochet but Stacia, my son's girlfriend, does and she was admiring this. It was so much more lovely when seen in person. My photo does not do it justice. Even though I can't do a thing with yarn, I can really appreciate the fine work done on this shawl.

After we'd seen lots of exhibits and such, we were all hungry. My husband wanted Funnel Cakes.........
and Stacia and I were in search of "Hot dish on a stick"..........
so we stopped at an information to find out just where it was so we would not miss it! On our way to find it, my husband got side-tracked by this.............

and he convinced Devlin and Stacia to join him to see the live reptiles. I waited outside by the DNR nature building. No snakes at the Fair for me!! I wanted to get a picture of them exiting the building but missed it because I was too busy "people-watching".

Then it was on to the "Hotdish on a Stick" booth and here it is...................and it's run by Ole and Lena! Hee hee!! If you are a Minnesota (or from anywhere in the Midwest and have Scandinavian roots or friends, you are very aware of Ole and Lena stories).
Stacia ordered up here Hotdish on a Stick and I was right behind her..........and here I am ready to chow down on what was more like a corn dog with a couple of tater tots and meatballs on a skewer and some gravy for dipping. It was actually very good!

We wandered around some more and then us old folks - my husband and me - were getting tired so we decided to head for home. I didn't have any back problems like I thought I might from all the walking on pavement. We took the day very slowly though, and never made it to Heritage Village, or the auditorium and we missed the Horticulture exhibits, etc. That's okay as there is always next year!! We're already planning to make sure our daughter and family can join us all on the same day. Hope you enjoyed this visit to the Minnesota State Fair!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to the fair, Sandi. I love the quilts.

Kaye said...

Sandi, Thanks for taking us to the fair, sounds like a great time was had by all. That starry quilt is breathtaking. what patience to do that one.

quiltingnana said...

the quilts were fabulous...thanks for sharing

Crispy said...

The Grand Champion winner quilt, is that one of those DeJonge (sp) patterns or Niemeyer pattern? I feel like I've seen it before.

Hot dish on a stick...what will they think of next LOL.


Pat said...

What beautiful things you showed us from your State Fair. I love the star one and am happy Devlin called it to your attention!!! I had never heard of hotdish on a stick. I don't think they have that at the Delaware State Fair, but I'll be on the lookout next summer.

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