Wednesday, June 25

The Quilts in City Hall...........

Some of my vintage quilts were hung on the clothesline next door to City Hall. I made the patriotic flag quilt in 2000 and the words below the flag are "I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag......"

The "Sugar Sack" quilt shown above was shared by Sharon Swalla. The name blocks were embroidered in 1924, then set aside. Sharon's mother Winona sewed the blocks together. She was one block short so made one with her husband's name on it. This was one of three "autograph" quilts that held the names of many Lehigh residents.
There were two "autograph" quilts that were quilted by the women of the United Brethern Church. That is the church I attended as a child in the 50's and 60's. The first quilt shown was likely made in the late 1940's to early 1950's and that can be determined by the names embroidered on the quilt. The women whose maiden names appear helped us to date the quilt. It is owned by Patty Dellechiesa.

The second quilt shown is owned by my mother, Mary, and was made for my Grandma Goldie in the 40's when she was the Ladies Aide president at the United Brethern Church. Her father even signed a block and it was then embroidered. I clearly remember those ladies sewing in the basement of the church. The cement walls made it cool in the summer when they would gather. I recall that they were painted pink and white and I remember the names of the ladies who gathered around and stitched on the mission quilts they made - my grandma, Goldie, my mother, Mary, Great Grandma Lillie, Aunt Marie, Maudie, Cora, Ruth, Ophelia, Betty, Bernice, and others. I can hear the sound of their voices, the laughter, I can see their heads bent over their stitching and it is such a warm memory that it is no wonder I love to stitch!

This last photo is not a very good one but the quilt itself is lovely. The quilt belongs to Mrs. Williams and was made by Mrs. Franklin in honor of Lehigh's Centennial in 1983. It depicts businesses, churches, etc. that were a part of Lehigh's history. Visitors who came to see the
quilts enjoyed seeing all the various quilts but these quilts with familiar names and places really got people to talking. And it was so fun to listen to the exchange of memories!!
That's all for tonight. I'll post more quilt pictures tomorrow night. It may be Tuesday but I am still catching up on the events of the weekend.

Earlier today I worked on a flannel quilt that is a raffle item for the Scott County Historical Society. This one is a pink one for a girl. Tomorrow I must sew up the bright blue one for a boy, then add their borders and deliver them on Friday. I made a small baby block quilt as a raffle prize for the library quilt show and it was won by a couple who have a new great-grandchild. How cool! I'll post photos of those on the weekend.
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