Thursday, June 26

Beautiful Sunny Days.......

We have had some gorgeous weather here this week. When I am outside walking our dog, the weather couldn't be more perfect - blue skies, a few fluffy clouds, almost no humidity, and not too hot. These last days are what summer is meant to be. It will change tomorrow as there is rain on the way but we are fortunate not to have the heavy rains that pounded Iowa again today. And speaking of Iowa, I will be posting some more info on Saturday about the "Sew and Share" project that will help victims of the flooding in Iowa. The "Sew and Share" work day is set for Saturday, July 12th starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Room at City Hall here in Henderson, MN. Lunch will be provided but there is a great little coffee shop, Bittersweet, nearby for those who need that special mocha latte or ? Down the street is Toody's Sweets & Treats where you can go for an ice cream cone or a malt. We'll stitch up a "storm", laugh and talk a lot and enjoy some good food all while working toward a good cause. Go to for more info.
I have a couple more quilt show photos to share. That's my cousin, Patty, pictured above with her purple tulip quilt. Without her help, we wouldn't have had the quilt show and, best of all, she has a wonderful laugh and you always have a good time when working with Patty!!
One of the things I found fascinating about our little show was that while there were only eight of us sharing quilts, we had a great variety of quilts from old to new, large to small. We ended up with three autograph quilts and one historical quilt that were closely tied to Lehigh's history. And the pictures I'm posting tonight show that with just eight of us sharing, we had four vintage butterfly quilts to share! In the picture above, Deb Hayes shared the embroidered butterfly and flowers quilt with the bubblegum pink borders. It's a family quilt believed to have belonged to a great aunt.
The quilt in the middle is a pink and blue stars quilt made by Delores Jebron and owned by me. The butterfly quilt on the right is owned by Sharon Hrubes, Patty's sister and was made by their mother, Ethel.

That's my mother with the butterfly quilt she shared. In the picture above it, you'll see her quilt on the right, then in the middle is a another quilt made by Delores Jebron called "Hearts and Flowers" (and owned by me) and on the left is another butterfly quilt made by Ethel O'Hearn and this one is owned by Patty. The butterfly quilt that my mother shared began with the butterfly blocks which were made by her Aunt Bell (raised her from childhood). Then my mother sashed the blocks with the blue fabric and it was handquilted by the ladies of the United Brethern Church which at the time it was quilted included my Aunt Marie and my Great Grandma Lillie. This quilt goes to my brother, Doug. My sister has a "Wedding Ring" quilt made by my Aunt Bell and I have a "Trip Around the World" quilt top that has yet to be quilted. I also have a scrappy nine-patch twin top that is tied and was made by my Great Granny Blair. I love the vintage quilts, the colors, the feel of the fabric and the knowing that they hold stories that we'll never know!

In addition to the great weather, I had a great day yesterday but ended the day too tired to post. I had a goal that I would finish two flannel/fleece quilt-a-blankie (my new name for what looks like a quilt but there is no batting because I back them with fleece so then they must be blankets!!) and I did. I made a pink and yellow one for a girl and a blue and yellow one for a boy and they will both be raffle prizes at a children's event held by the Scott County Historical Society in Shakopee on Sunday. I showed them to my daughter tonight and offered to make two of them as prizes for her Family Appreciation week at her daycare come September. I will post pics on the "Sew and Share" site as we will be making ones similar to those for flood relief. When I took a break at lunch and walked out to get the mail there was a package that I had been expecting. I am in a yahoo pincushion group called "Crazy About Pincushions" and I could hardly wait to open that package. Look below and see what lovely things I found inside thanks to Chris K. of Michigan! Then the pincushion I made for her was selected to be on the "homepage" of the pincushion site so I felt really honored.

That's all for tonight. My grandson is here so tomorrow so we will go grocery shopping and then later go to the Classic Car parade on Main Street. It's Henderson's "Sauerkraut Days Festival" this weekend so lots of fun stuff to enjoy. And, of course, we'll do some "projects". This weekend we are going to do some fabric postcards so perhaps we'll have some "show 'n tell" by Saturday.
Tomorrow is finally Friday!! Enjoy!!

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