Monday, December 8

Ya Gotta Have Heart!!

Today was a good day. Got news that made my heart feel good. Same for my daughter Collette. She got results of her MRI and she has a bulging disc which is not the greatest news but it is an answer to her pain. She has found it so hard to not be able to do anything. She is owner/manager of a large daycare in nearby Mankato and so she is busy, really busy. Last Friday night was the annual Christmas party. She was simply not feeling well and could not go. Last year, I made ornaments for her staff and if I remember right, I never shared them here on my blog. I made 54 little Christmas trees from a sweet green plaid wool blend fabric. I just drew a tree shape and then cut two of each, ironed on a triangle of fusible craft batting from Therm-o-web, then stitched around each with red Perle cotton (made the thread long enough to create a hanging loop). I glued a snowflake/star to the top and then Collette attached each to a little gift bag for her staff and teachers.

I enjoyed making the little tree ornaments and had plans to make little wool plaid heart ornaments this year. But then things got busy, kinda crazy with health issues for Collette and my mom was having some challenges at the same time. Plus, I was in the midst of several volunteer projects. So I re-thought my ornament idea....

When I went to Collette's to help her out last Wednesday, I brought along my big flat box full of craft stuff, my glue gun and my bucket full of ribbons and bells. I helped her with some stuff she needed doing and then when she was sleeping, I started making hearts from red chenille stems.........
I shaped lots of hearts and I counted out 45 bells. I cut 8" lengths of metallic cord and strung a bell on each cord.

Then I tied a loop just above the top of the bell and then tied this to the top of the heart. Sorry, this is not easy to explain. Strangely, the color on this photo is not the same as all the other photos and I have no idea why! Took this photo to show you that all you do is fold a chenille stem into the shape of a V, then secure the end pieces so you get a teardrop shape. Last step is to push the secured end pieces down toward the point to create the heart shape. 
When all the bells were tied on, I added a bow to each heart. I always put a dot of glue at the center of each side of the bow on any ornament. This secures the bow and you won't be frustrated by bows that come undone.

And here is what the bell ornament looks like on the tree I decorated for her last Saturday!

If you enjoy making crafts and want to add another little bell ornament to your tree, there is a little tutorial on a blog that I did with my grandson, Jacob, when he was younger. Just go to this link and check out ......... everytime*a*bell*rings!
Collette will begin physical therapy later this week and perhaps by next week, she can return to work. She is very fortunate to have great assistants and excellent staff. They all have big hearts and are just plain awesome!!
When it comes to our big tree in our living room.....well, I kinda had a lazy day and didn't get it decorated. But I did get the laundry done and started my Christmas cards. Steve figures it will take me til Friday to finish the tree. We shall see.............


Anonymous said...

Your "hearts" are awesome (so simple and with so many possibilities!!!)! I so glad to 'hear' that Collette's diagnosis is known so a plan of action can be implemented! These days do keep one "hopping" even w/o other "life issues"!!! LOL! And so we push on.........Hugs and blessings to you and your family!!!

Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad that there is finally an answer for Collette. I hope they will be able to resolve it now.

Your ornaments are so cute....both the trees and the hearts.

DeDe Mattice said...

I don't know how you do all you do! You are a very special person and I'm glad you are one of my friends!

Beth said...

The trees are adorable. Love the simplicity of the hearts. Great project.
Physical Therapy will help Collett but it will take some time.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hopefully, now that they know what the problem is, they can get it corrected.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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