Friday, December 5

Holiday Traditions at the Henderson Library.........

This evening was the final night for our "Holiday Traditions" event at our Henderson Public Library. It was a really nice evening, in part, because the weather wasn't freezing cold like it has been lately! This was the second year for this event and it turned out well. Our "book tree" is decorated with books on it's branches and under the tree, all the books will go to the Lion's Club Toy Drive!

Our big red stocking is not as full as last year, but it does hold a number of baking supplies that will be donated to Sibley County Food Share.
And new this year is our "Stocking Stuffer/Mitten and Hat Tree"!! When our neighbors, Kevin and Amy moved this past summer, they gave their old tree to Arlene, a member of our Friends of the Library group. Notice that I started a paper chain for the tree but things got busy and that never quite got finished. ;-)
Folks started arriving at 6:00 p.m. to get in their last bid and to enjoy treats, stories and carols.
Everything looked so festive. It is always so fun to decorate and the room looks so bare, just like in our homes, when the Christmas trees and decorations come down. But.........the good part of this event is that all these lovely things go to a new home and the money they raise goes to programming and projects at our library!

I brought a stack of Christmas story books to share. I'm reading one of my kid's favorites........a little book called "The Happiest Christmas". There were carols, too. And when the bidding ended at 7:00, I read "The Night Before Christmas" from a big volume that Kaiser also likes. Yep, he took a bite out of it last Christmas. Some of you know that Kaiser has a real taste for books, which is not actually all that good. ;-)
While I was reading, our Friends President, Mary Ann, went along and marked the winning bid number on each bid sheet and then there was a hustle and bustle for folks to pick up the goodies and take them to their homes to add a special memory to this coming Christmas. 
I place a bid on this tree that my friend Sue decorated. Thought I might take it to Collette as she isn't up to putting up her tree yet. I wasn't the winning bid, though, but that's okay. I have an extra tree here and I will put it in the car tomorrow (or Sunday) along with some ribbons and ornaments and with help from my grandson, Jacob, we shall see what kind of tree we will come up with for them. Whatever we do, I am sure his cats will have fun playing among the branches.
So that's the end of this year's event. Have already made some notes of what we should do next year and loved some suggestions that guests made. Time to go relax and do a little reading......that is if I don't fall asleep first!
Have a lovely weekend!


Me and My Stitches said...

Glad your evening was successful - there sure are lots of pretty trees there!

Love Of Quilts said...

What pretty trees. Merry Christmas!

Beth said...

all of the trees looked so beautiful. What a great event. I really like the hat and mitten tree, something everyone needs as the cold weather comes to stay.

Anonymous said...

Love the white/gold tree!!! I may just have to go and get one (table-top size!!!). Such events definitely lift the spirits, hmmmmmm?

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