Tuesday, October 8

What's on the line?

Note to self....... "It helps to remember to schedule a post, instead of leaving it in 'draft' format".  Uh, yes, that's right. I took photos and had a post to share, and forgot to set a schedule time to activate the post!  This is a sign of getting older or.......just maybe too busy?  Anyway, here is just a little something "on the line" that I picked up when we were back in Humboldt, Iowa for my husband's 50th Class Reunion. This little quilt was for sale in the gift shop at the Humboldt County Historical Society and it called my name. Imagine that? :-)
There were several small quilts for sale and when I asked about them, I was told that they were donated by members or local quilters who had a few too many quilts, some made several years ago. And again, I say.......imagine that? Even my husband said.........."don't you already have enough quilts at home?" And my answer........"well, yes, but not one like this one."  It's just a small doll quilt (about 15 x 18") and it is hand-quilted. I have a particular fondness for nine-patch blocks and the moment I saw this, I had to bring it home. I took this little quilt along when I went to LeSueur Assisted Living today to visit residents and share some quilts and a treat of pumpkin cake. It is so much fun to share my quilts and pretties with the residents. They enjoy seeing the quilts and then sharing stories of their quilts or needlework. And then there is coffee and a treat. Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin cake, along with ice cream and if I do say so myself, it was very yummy!

I began visiting the assisted living facility in LeSueur last May and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It always made my mother-in-law smile when I brought handwork to show her when she was in a care facility. My dad, too, always wanted to know what was the latest thing I was working on so I would bring a few things each time I visited him. I do the same now that my mom is at the Care Center. And so, it seems natural to pack a little suitcase full of quilts and pretties and take some "Show 'n Tell"........ on the road!  I choose a few things that fit each month's theme or holiday and sometimes share a reading or poem. Very enjoyable for me and for the residents.  Here are a few little quilts that I took along today ..............

And I'll tell you more about them in my next post and how much fun they were to make at our Henderson Quilt group last Thursday!  Lots of photos and fun stuff coming up.
While I was "on the road" today, my husband was at home washing windows. He's spent the last week washing every window inside and out and now we have windows that sparkle so much that the birds are going to fly right into them. They are that clean and clear!  There was some curtain washing that I did while he cleaned windows and then I figured why not flip a mattress or two and wash a bunch of bedding. And then the dog needed a bath and there were all his blankets to wash because he's spoiled and has multiple cushions around the house. He no longer has one in my sewing room, though. Nope, I have pretty much banned Kaiser from my sewing room. He has eaten one-too-many items that aren't good for his stomach. Of course, right now, he's sleeping peacefully and, oh, so sweetly on his cushion. You would never know that he is sometimes a wee bit naughty. LOL!
And while Kaiser sleeps, I think I will do a little work on a Christmas project. Yes, I know it's not even Halloween yet, but at this time of the year, one side of my brain is thinking "Fall/Halloween" stuff and the other side is thinking "Winter/Christmas" stuff.  Not thinking about any snow, though. Hoping it stays away til November.......or maybe even December! All for now. Back soon.....


Pat said...

It is so nice of you to be a "day brightener" with your visits to the Care Center. CUTE doll quilt you bought and, of course, you needed to have it. (How could hubby even question that??)

Anonymous said...

Your visits to the care center are very special indeed. I wish I had thought of taking some quilting I was working on when I would go visit my friend. We all could have used some thing different to talk about. Bravo!

Beth said...

Cute little 9 patch quilt. I used to take what I was working on when I went to see my Mom. She always enjoyed talking about what I was working on, even though she was not a crafter/sewer.
Once she had a project she started on her closet shelf for sooo long. There was just a tiny bit of embroidery done. LOL My Mom never did embroidery. I snuck it home, finished it and brought it back to her.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Isn't it interesting how some quilts 'call' to us? Hey, send your hubby to my house, please. My windows would be VERY happy. Thank goodness my dogs don't chew on stuff they aren't supposed to chew on.

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