Friday, July 19

Hot and Thirsty!

That's right! Hot and thirsty and that is exactly what my flowers are these days!  We had a stretch of really hot days, and all the pretty petunias that I have on our front porch have seriously needed lots of water this week.
Now, I have shared lots of pictures on my blog of artificial flowers, bears, bunnies and other stuff that I set out on my porch but finally we have real bushes growing around the porch and real flowers!!   I have really enjoyed the color and the lovely smell of real flowers. And I have even enjoyed watering them but the hose seemed to be too much and so I thought I'd look for a big watering can. And then........I was doing laundry and had used up the last of the detergent in the bottle, when I looked at it and knew just what I'd do. I punched holes with a nail in the top of the lid, rinsed out the bottle very well and then .......... voila!!! ........ I had a watering can!!
My daughter, Collette, thought I should share it with all of you. I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but for me..........the "light bulb moment" only came on a couple weeks ago. LOL!
This hot week has been a busy one and the weekend coming up will be equally busy. It is our 84th annual Linn Family Reunion!  I am heading to Iowa for the weekend and leaving my husband and dear old Kaiser behind to "hold down the fort".  Some years, we all go to the reunion, some years not. Work schedules don't always cooperate for some family members or health issues make travel difficult. But every summer, some family member comes that hasn't been to the reunion in years. I wonder who that will be this year?  I'll soon find out! Looking forward to a fun weekend.
Oh, and I was planning a giveaway for today but never got that together. Next Friday for sure.......there are fabrics to sort and share so I will get to it soon!


Pam said...

Enjoy your visit, the porch looks lovely. I grow herbs and scented flowers near my doors and the scent pervades the house.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I always love going to my family reunions. We have them every 2 years in Arkansas. Enjoy your's.

Wendy said...

We are having a hot streak as well. The flowers need water every day. Good idea for watering.

Jacquelynne Steves said...

No, I never would have thought of using the laundry detergent jug for watering my plants- great idea!

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