Thursday, July 26

Has it really been 45 years?

I really have a hard time believing that 45 years have passed since I graduated from high school. Time flies sooooo fast!! But thankfully, it stops occasionally and we gather for a reunion and we have such a good time seeing old friends, sharing stories and laughing. For my family and school friends, here we are last Saturday night........laughing and having a great time!!!

It was so good to see so many friends. Linda Rosenquist Hilsenbeck and Tom Rowley arrived after we took the photo. Several classmates who could not attend sent letters, and we remembered classmates, David Griggs and Joe Weiss who have passed away. We hope that those that couldn't attend this reunion will make it for our 50th, as we all plan to be back at the same place in five years!

In my last post, I promised I'd share quilty stuff. I'll get to it soon. :-)  In the meantime, have a good Friday! I am looking forward to good day as I'm meeting a fellow blogger and for those of you that have met other bloggers, you know how much fun that can be!! Back soon..........


Me and My Stitches said...

Time does fly...that's for sure. Glad you had a great time at your reunion!

Doreen said...

I have made it to only one reunion....the one everyone says you should skip--#5 (not enough years have passed, still too much the "high school" attitude/thinking!). Now that you bring up the numbers, I guess it's been a few for me, also (grad. in '64)!!! Lovely post!

Needled Mom said...

The reunions do get better with the passing years.

Have fun meeting a new blogging friend.

Snoodles said...

What fun! Can you believe it - I've never been to a high school reunion....I've never even gotten an invite, so I don't guess my school has had any. :(
By the way - you got great new glasses...I'm getting my new ones this week. They'll be progressives - are yours? If so, are they hard to get used to? Eep!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I missed attending my 30th last year. I went to my nieces wedding instead, and had a mini reunion with old friends there.

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