Monday, March 19

What's on the line?

Eggs are on the line today!! I don't think I've ever shared this table topper that  combines cotton and woolfelt...............
I might have shown it as it graced my dining room table but here it is "on the line". To make this tabletopper, I taped two sections of newspaper together to get a piece of paper big enough to fold in half. And then I folded it in half again and made an arc and cut out the circle Then I scalloped the edges.  I cut two fabric patterns from this, one for the front and one that was the backing. I stitched all the egg shapes and then appliqued them to the front piece.
To add the eggs........I cut out 16 egg shapes in lots of spring colors and then added my own designs to each egg. I embellished each one with embroidery and lots of detail. Then, I blanket stitched each egg to the tabletopper. Next step was to place the lining over the completed top and I sewed around the edge. I left a small opening and slip-stitched it closed.  The topper was turned "inside out" and pressed, then I added one final touch.... I blanket stitched around the entire topper and then went around again which gave a "crochet" effect. If you can crochet, you could probably do something even prettier. I am "crochet and knitting needle challenged".  :-)
The photo above was taken last fall when it was lush and green and still warm. Currently it is very warm in Minnesota but not yet lush and green. Forecast looks like it could be very wet today and that would be great because pretty soon'll be lush and green.

Have a good Monday everyone!


Debbie said...

That's beautiful, Sandi! Very creative.

krisgray said...

Very pretty!! The scallops and eggs are so cute.

Needled Mom said...

It is beautiful! I love the scallops and the eggs.

You have really had some delightful weather this week. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it a bit.

Beth said...

So cute. I love all the different eggs around the topper. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How cute! I love that you designed it yourself.

Astrid said...

Very, very beautiful! Great topper for spring and Easter. Love the scallops.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

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