Tuesday, July 20

Tractor thoughts......

Yes, it may seem obvious that this post has nothing to do with quilting but then again......it just might......
First, though, I was planning to post some photos of last night's quilting program at Our Savior's Lutheran Church but after I got home and got all the quilts unloaded and put away, I was too tired to load photos and write about it. I have to be up early in the morning to head to Iowa for a day out with my crazy quilting friends, so I needed to get to bed. Didn't want to leave you without something to read with your morning coffee so I thought I'd post these tractors..........
Why tractors? Well, I passed these implement dealers with their big shiny tractors on my way to Iowa last weekend. I marveled at the sheer size of them and thought about how much I love fall and watching tractors and combines in the field at harvest time. I can hardly wait to make a trip in October as they are always out in abundance at that time of year.
When I drove past the dealerships on my way home, the thought occurred to me that these big machines are to a farmer what a long-arm quilting machine might be to a quilter. LOL! So, if my husband were a farmer and wanted one of these, I'd say "sure, dear, and while you are out, pick me up a long-arm quilting machine." I know that the tractor is far more costly than the long arm is......... but........and here's when my "bubble burst".......I'm not married to a farmer! I'm married to an engineer who likes fast cars. If he decides he wants some fancy thing....car that is...I think I know what I'll suggest I'd like. :-) Then again, maybe all I need to do is show him that race quilt that is off being machine quilted and when he sees it, he will want more and we'll just have to buy a long arm. I can dream, can't I? :-)
Actually, I'm so tired perhaps this post is a dream............. LOL!
July hotness is with us and more stormy weather possible. It's July so that's normal. I'm counting the days til Fall......60 days to cool weather.......I can hardly wait!


Pat said...

Sounds like a good plan to get yourself a long-arm....good luck with it!!! LOL Enjoy your time with the "crazy" group!!!

Catswhiskers said...

lovely post and fantastic photos.
A tractor will help the farmer to do harvest... keep thinking on these tractor lines and you will get your long-arm quilting machine!
Hope you had had a good rest.

Crispy said...

I too love seeing the farmers harvesting their crops and then hearing about the yields at the store. For a big city girl, I certainly have learned a lot about raising crops and cattle LOL.


Winona said...

I love fall. If only winter didn't have to follow. LOL Winona

GeeGee said...

Hi Sandi,
Hope you had a good trip and enjoyed your time with the crazy quilters. Your post made me smile :) I have a special place in my heart for tractors, one of my brothers worked for a tractor company until his death, repairing all the farmers' tractors. All the farmers loved him, they knew they could always count on him to come to their aid.
A quilting machine, yes, we can all dream! Have a great evening and get some rest!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

My husband is a tractor lover. We have a very small old one. But everywhere he goes he looks at them and always wishes for another, sort of like me and sewing machines!

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