Friday, July 16

"Christmas in July"

It's here........."Christmas in July"!! I don't remember this event from when I was a kid but it is standard marketing these days!! Anyway, I like an early start to Christmas so when I was asked if I'd do a wooly program for Kindred Kwilters in July, I thought, "sure, why not!" I joined the group this past winter after I did a wooly spring project for the group and yet I hadn't made it to a meeting since then. I was feeling a wee bit embarassed about it but sometimes things just don't go like you think they will. However, last night, things went better than I thought they would. I had prepared a demo on the little Christmas ornaments that I designed a few years ago and also made up some kits to go with the pattern............
They are a bit fussy to make because they are only about 3" tall but they look so nice on the Christmas tree and are a perfect little gift, too. I also shared some info on penny rugs and how to interchange designs and had several samples to inspire. :-) Plus, I showed how I get started with the blanket stitch, a sort of "stitch and loop and pin technique" that is something I began doing years ago. It works great because you get perfect stitches and cannot tell where you started your stitch! If you go here you can see my pincushion tutorial and photos of how I do a pin/loop technique to get started stitching. It's easier to show someone in person so maybe a video would be better. That would mean I would have to get somebody to do the video with my camera and Kaiser the Wonder Beagle is just not good with the camera. LOL! Maybe I can get help from my Tuesday crazies friends when we meet next week. I'll experiment and see if it works and will be sure and let you know.
I really enjoyed the quilt club meeting. I came away with a BOM the group is doing and am wondering if I can add yet another project to my list. Not sure on this one, but I am sure I will enjoy making something with the pretty fat quarter of challenge fabric that we all received. My mind is already working on what I'll make with it. :-)
I have to share one more photo.....................

This was at sunset this past Wednesday evening after all the storms had passed through the area. The clouds were hanging so low and were this vibrant pinky/orange and the sky below was such a beautiful blue against the dark trees. This is almost as good a view as what I had in person.....almost, but not quite but I deemed it worthy of sharing. :-)
Have a good Friday!


Crispy said...

Ooooo beautiful sunset!! I always love harvest time, that's when we get really beautiful sunsets.


Needled Mom said...

Just catching up after being away for a few days. Christmas in July?? It makes me realize how soon it will be here.

Love the sunset. It has such gorgeous colors.

Darlene said...

The sunset is spectacular! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Beth said...

Beautiful sunset. Love your little ornaments. They look like a really fun project.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I absolutely can't keep up with you! Love your Christmas' in July.

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