Tuesday, April 6

Fusible makes it fun and easy!

This morning I got my daily update from Bradie over at Quiltcetera (also known as "A Quilty Kind of Girl") and it was about the product MistyFuse . I have used the product and really liked it. I had a hard time finding it and what I bought sometime ago is all used up! Brady is having a contest and the winner gets five yards of it. I am not shy about this. I decided that to add chances to possibly winning the Misty Fuse that I would post about it right now. Plus when I was visiting other blog favorites this morning, there was a post from Pat on her blog that was asking for any advice we might offer on fusibles. So I e-mailed Pat the link. Now I'm going to go add my name to the drawing for Bradie's giveaway. I have just decreased my chances of winning by telling you all about this but I hope you visit her site anyway. :-)

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Pat said...

Thanks for being willing to lessen your chances so the rest of us could find out about this product, too. I went and read up on it and have also visited Bradie's blog and entered the giveaway. Thank!

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