Wednesday, December 23

Snowy Days Ahead!

Sorry, I've been the "absent blogger" but Christmas things needed to be done and blogging had to take a "back seat" for a bit. Everything is ready now but it looks like no one will be able to make it to our house for Christmas!! If the weatherman is even half-right, we are in for a lot of snow!! There is no doubt that we will have a white Christmas. The thing is that we already had plenty of snow and last Sunday we got more so we don't really need what we're getting right now!!!
I took the photo above right after the snow that we got last Sunday morning. This is the "town tree" that sits outside City Hall. I loved this picture because most things around it looked black and white and then the ornaments just "popped". :-)
So, what has kept me so busy that I can't find time to blog.....well, there were Christmas cards and a letter to write. I finished those on Monday and off they went in the mail..........
Then there were "Chocolate Molten Mug Gifts" to put together for friends and neighbors. I am so glad Terry Atkinson posted this little giftie on her blog as it was just what I needed for giving. I did take a "short-cut" though.........I didn't make fabric bags to hold the mug-cake ingredients but instead found Snowman plastic bags that worked great and allowed me to put together more mugs because I wasn't spending time making bags.
I made one of these for me last week just to see what the cake tastes like. It was very rich and chocolatey. I should have added ice cream as Terry suggested and it would have been even better! :-)

Some of the mugs went to friends in my Bible Study group, so I took them along when we met on Tuesday. We were at my friend Joanie's house and it was so beautifully decorated. She has such a knack for arranging things. I've shared pics of her flowers and gardens during the summer months but here is the arrangement she had on her dining room table. It was so lovely!

I baked cookies today and then, of course, I had to make fudge! And then.......... our Christmas present was delivered today! We bought a kitchen table and chairs right after Thanksgiving and decided it would be our Christmas gift. We relegated the cardtable and chairs that we have been using since we moved here (3 years ago) to the basement!!! I should have taken a picture but I forgot. I've been too busy watching the snow fall and following the weather story on T.V. We'll know in the morning if our kids will be able to make the drive to be with us on Christmas Eve. If they can't, then all we want is that they stay home and stay safe. We can share our gifts and enjoy that ham dinner on another day. In the meantime, here's wishing you..................
Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


Pat said...

Having been on the road last weekend during treacherous driving conditions to get to the kids/grandkids and back, I agree with you that it's better to just wish everyone stay home and safe and DELAY any holiday meal or get-together with them. I enjoyed the photos you shared today and wish you a blessed Christmas and a healthy, happy 2010.

Kaye said...

SANDI, SLOW DOWN A BIT AND DON'T GET STRESSED. I wish for you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Years

Gari said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, you certainly are prepared. We have rain today and storms coming tomorrow but Christmas will come no matter what the Grinch does.

SarahVee said...

Merry Christmas, Sandi! Congrats on the new table and chairs. I hope you enjoy your holidays with or without your children. We travel to my folks tomorrow 2 1/2 hours south of us, but still we're in Northern Ontario. They are not calling for the snow until Boxing Day up here. Cheers and blessings and much JOY to you and yours in New Year!

Crispy said...

Merry Christmas Sandi and family!!

I agree safe is better than getting together. I wouldn't mind the snow but those winds and 20 below wind chill really makes it hard for shoveling, I think we will wait until Sunday :0)


CieAngel said...

Merry Christmas Sandi,
I hope you don't get to much snow. We are supposed to get rain and thunderstorms here.
Cleary K.

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